2013 Goals

As with most people, I do not make resolutions that I know I’ll never keep. However, I have goals that I intend to achieve by the end of the year so I guess I’ll share them.. this being a kind of personal-mixed-with-business kind of blog!

1. To Graduate

Image from pamobriensblog.wordpress.com

Image from pamobriensblog.wordpress.com

Nothing will give me greater pride than to hear my name being called out as I am awarded my master’s degree sometime in June this year. Plus I need my thesis to be of publishable quality, getting published in a business or academic journal will be very rewarding!

I love learning and I’m betting this will not be my last degree.

2. Give Birth Naturally Without Screaming

So I’m due anytime between March 18th and April 13th. So around 30th March I’m expecting the infamous labour to set in so I can bring forth into the world a beautiful baby boy called Jeremy, as smart and talented as his parents.

I’ll be all calm and will not take any pain medication/epidural. I’ve already bet with a friend that I shan’t be screaming as the doctors say “push..!” like they do in the movies. So who wants to take a bet?


A friend has offered to record the whole thing- not sure which parts will be censored- in the 24 hour format. You know the voice..

“the following takes place between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. ”

3. Turn 25

Turning 25? Challenge accepted!

Turning a quarter a century is a big deal, right? That’s my April goal.. it’s so easy to achieve because well, as long as I’m still breathing I have no choice but to grow older.

I should probably make a 25-things-to-do-before-you-turn-25 list.

4. Save!

Now that I’m in what I’d call ‘stable employment’, I should be able to save somewhat towards my goal of achieving not only financial independence, but also financial freedom. The freedom to buy a jet tomorrow if I wanted!

This will be mine someday, yes.. my precioussss. Image from gawker.com

This will be mine someday, yes.. my precioussss. Image from gawker.com

5. Take Divas4Tech to New Heights of Women Involvement in Technology

Last year we started Divas4Tech, that’s an organization dedicated to improving lives through technology and increasing the participation of women in ‘techpreneurial’ matters. I hope this is the year we achieve some of our goals.

If you’d like to join us, do not hesitate to contact me. Check out the website too.

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20 Responses to 2013 Goals

  1. kbaab says:

    Here’s to achieving your goals this year. And congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂


  2. Mackel9 says:

    I want to bet you will scream and bite something or someone, what are the stakes?


  3. Lionel says:

    I need that video too…..Congs beforehand!


  4. Abraham says:

    Now I’m going to sound like a parent and say Save! It would be better to invest, but as a minimum, save. You will be amazed how fast time flies.
    I don’t know if you read my post titled 38 things. But save. Hata kama it is in one if those insurance company plans.

    I like your ambition to study more. Go for it!


    • savvykenya says:

      I’m going to look for one of those insurance company plans, better than leaving the money in the bank at minimal interest!


  5. Abraham says:

    And congratulations, of course. I wish you a safe delivery.


  6. pitzevans says:

    all the best this year, especially on the no screaming part hehe


  7. Chũhĩ says:

    I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you Savvy for being with child. Your list is wonderful. Enjoyed reading every bit of it.


  8. Tech Man says:

    @savvykenya:disqus It was nice meeting you, now can i sell you that Insurance plan for you and your family now that your aquainted yourself with Insurance business thanks to your employer.


  9. Wangari says:

    I am proud of you as you are getting your Masters and be a mum before/ at 25. No am not proud, am very envious..


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