Uniting Colours of Kenya

Crown Paints have launched a peace campaign called Uniting Colours of Kenya. The campaign is online and you can take part in it by signing up on the microsite: http://www.crownpaints.co.ke/unitingcoloursofkenya. The idea is to have people uploading original and creative pictures, videos and messages/quotes that promote peace in the country, and with only 19 days left to the madness that is the general elections, the peace campaign cannot be overdone!

A sample picture submitted  to the peace campaign microsite by one Patrick Munene.

A sample picture submitted to the peace campaign microsite by one Patrick Munene. Forgetting the “am” hanging without an I, and the Algerian font, it’s not bad at all


Not only will it be rewarding being a peace campaigner, you also get the chance at winning Ksh 1,000 worth of airtime daily, for submitting the most creative upload. The entry also automatically qualifies you into the grand draw. Here, the cash price for the the victor will be Ksh. 100,000. First runners up will receive Ksh. 70,000, and Ksh. 40,000 for the second runners up. What’s more, the most creative messages will be printed on giveaway T-shirts

Engage Crown Paints

Since Crown Paints is organizing this campaign, you need to like them on Facebook so you can participate in voting for the eventual winner, and on Twitter where you can have any issues/questions resolved.

So the next time you are online, instead of engaging in meaningless tirades on social media, why not help in promoting the message of peace by submitting your entries to this campaign? You might find your message ending up on a t-shirt somewhere! I’m looking forward to a prosperous Kenya after holding peaceful elections, because no matter who wins, the political elite’s lives will not be disrupted by any violence. Rather, it’s you and I who’ll have to suffer the consequences of a broken nation, bear the weight of a dysfunctional economy.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Make love, not war. Peace.

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1 Response to Uniting Colours of Kenya

  1. Abraham says:

    If only I was good with graphics.

    I’m happy to see someone else notices the ‘Am’ as misused in Kenya


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