Quick Update

Dear readers,

Sorry I have not been posting more often.

Between school, work (wrapping up on both before I take leave) and an impending baby (any time now), there’s hardly any time left to blog.

Wish me well as we countdown to the birth of my first child, a son called Jeremy.

If you are wondering why Jeremy, he’s named after my late grandfather.

You may also want to read my 2013 goals.

In the meantime, the Tusker Premier League has started and my team, AFC Leopards, is off to a shaky start! However, better to start this way and finish on top, than the other way round like it was last year (season).

I hope the political situation in the country resolves itself *buries head in sand*


Just got a hold of a Samsung Galaxy Music Duos with a blue cover. Such a beautiful gadget, hope to review it soon. If you’re looking for a budget smartphone with dual-SIM capability, well.. get some music in your life as well with this phone.

Someone joked that Samsung has more Galaxies than the Universe. Perhaps it’s true!

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4 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Mac Riley says:

    Can’t wait for your delivery story.


  2. Kenya army blogspot says:

    I own a Samsung galaxy pro young. Almost threw it away coz the battery got drained after using for an hour until I downloaded the Easy Battery Saver app on googleplay. Now the battery lasts for a day & 2 days when am not bothering the phone too much 🙂

    Remember when I started my blog? You were the first to comment. The blog has grown now it has many followers and readers. I have earned 40K via it so far and am not even a serious blogger :))


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