Voting Opens for the The Kenyan Blog Awards 2013

So the Bloggers Association of Kenya has been busy organizing the 2013 Kenyan bloggers awards. The awards have definitely grown from last year, with sponsorship from Samsung, Nokia and Phillips. These are technology companies who are always keen to identify with bloggers online, and we hope in the future other companies in fashion, agriculture etc can embrace this opportunity to encourage the growth of local content online.

The nominees for the Kenyan blog awards have been selected by a BAKE esteemed panel of judges from the submissions received from the public. Voting is now live on and will close on midnight on the 1st of May 2013.

The winners will be announced at a gala event to be held on the evening of the 4th of May 2013 at the Southern Sun Hotel in Westlands.

Please head to the and vote for your favorite blog!

And if you’re asking no, I’m not in the list of nominated blogs because I work too closely with the bloggers association of Kenya and it would be a conflict of interest πŸ™‚

1. Best Business Blog

2. Best Corporate Blog

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

4. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog

5. Best Enviromental/Agricultural Blog

6. Best Fashion Blog

7. Best Food Blog

8. Best New Blog

9. Best Photography Blog

10. Best Political Blog

11. Best Sports Blog

12. Best Technology Blog

13. Best Topical Blog

14. Best Travel Blog

15. Kenyan Blog of The Year


Sorry I’ve not had time to make all the above links but if you have a good browser it should recognize the link when you highlight the text. The list above should also make for some interesting reading in case you have been looking for Kenyan blogs to read online.

Happy Voting! If you are a Kenyan and lined up to vote on 4th of March patiently, take a few seconds to read the blogs nominated and then vote for your choice

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5 Responses to Voting Opens for the The Kenyan Blog Awards 2013

  1. This Nigerian has had fun finding a spectrum of nice Kenyan blogs. Good work, guys, check out


  2. Sam Wakoba says:

    TECHMORAN under the tech category guys, thank you!


  3. Dash says:

    There’s some amazing talent out there. All the best to the nominees!

    – Dash


  4. DwaK says:

    Sad that the judges have already nominated bloggers..wanted to see whether it was possible to still enter the competition …So I’m thinking what the heck! that’s in the I’ll nominate him for next year’s awards πŸ™‚ …I like his blogs (creative writing category)


    • savvykenya says:

      Will check out the blog, and yes, there is always next year. Nomination took quite a while so watch this blog for updates.


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