The Galaxy S4 is Here – What To Look Forward To

As a blogger and a techie, I’m attracted to (the latest, fastest) gadgets and I’m looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S4, full of dazzling features that I may not even make use of but feels good to know they are there. Every so often, companies launch new devices that are improvements on the previous models. Whether you need these ‘improvements’ is not really the question here, after all we crossed the line from necessity to luxury when we went beyond the Nokia 3310.

The Samsung Galaxy S4: Life's Companion

The Samsung Galaxy S4: Life’s Companion

Here’s some of the features what I look forward to:


I’m currently using a Note II and it’s a massive device. While the S4 is big, it’s significantly smaller than the Note II and befitting a lady techie *points to self*

Samsung S4 V Note II. Image from

Samsung S4 V Note II. Image from

The screen size is of the highest clarity (441 ppi pixel density), the smallest screen in the world with the biggest density. It’s slimmer and lighter than Samsung Galaxy S3. On that note, check out my review of the S3 and Note II.


It would be great to be able to take photos with the front and back camera at the same time. Usefulness of this feature? Well, the camera-(wo)man is no longer left out of the picture! No need for strangers (who might run away with the phone) to take pictures so that all of you can be captured in that moment.

The rear camera is 13MP, an improvement from the S3’s 8MP.


However, it’s more of a superimposition on top of the picture of the people you’re taking. I never said this was perfect.

Air View/ Air Gesture

Controlling the phone without having to touch it is a new feature I would like to try out. You can operate the screen by hovering a finger over it. I guess this is useful when you’re eating (chicken) with your hands and need to answer your phone or perhaps reply a text (I’m stretching it here). However, if the finger doing the hovering is dripping with soup, perhaps you better wait till you’re done eating.

Memory, Processor and Connections

With the S4 I know I never have to worry about my storage getting full, it can pack a few series and some movies, even the 16GB version. (I’ll make it my external hard disk now that one of my brothers decided to privatize mine). In fact, you can expand the memory with a card of up to 64GB although I haven’t seen those being sold anywhere. I use a 4GB memory card. The processing power it posses is suitable for any game with intense graphics, that’s really the only way it will ever be used to full capacity. It has the full range of connections: 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (for example what Google Beba card uses) etc etc.

These are just a few among the numerous features that the S4 packs, running the Android 4.2 OS. For a comprehensive review of everything, check out techradar.

In Kenya, the phone will probably retail for around Ksh 65,000. However, you can pre-order it before the launch on 7th for Ksh 56,999 from Airtel but it looks like its sold out on Safaricom’s pre-order! So I’m not the only one eager to lay my hands on the device.

So given a chance, would you own one?

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4 Responses to The Galaxy S4 is Here – What To Look Forward To

  1. Abraham says:

    So THAT is what the simultaenous pics are for.

    Funny about the Air View and dripping soup :-). But will that not lead to unintended actions?


  2. Jake says:

    Nice phone .. but i think Samsung Mega will be better option than galaxy s4


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