Bloggers of Kenya Awards, 2013

The bloggers of Kenya (BAKE) awards where held this past Saturday May 4th at the Southern Sun Mayfair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, my son is only one month old! However, another blogger @pitzevans was there and this is his guest post. Many thanks Pitz!

I remember many things in this day of days, at least in the blogworld, but none linger so poignantly than the taste of fried chicken availed in plenty by the good people of Southern Sun. The tasty flesh melted in my mouth, teasing my taste buds, exciting my appetite and quenching the butterflies in my tummy as we waited for the organizers to announce the winners. The food, dear reader, was a lovely highlight and one can only hope that next year’s cook sticks to such generosity. But this post is not about food, neigh, it shall not feature in next year’s awards in the food category. This post is a reminisce, though a brief one, of the bake awards gala that went down at the Southern Sun last Saturday.

I sauntered into the resort at 6pm sharp, needless to say I was looking sharp, and to call the hall’s decor sharp would be an injustice to the organizers since the ambience was, for lack of better words, on point. True to the Kenyan adage, African timers, the hall was virtually empty when I took my seat strategically at the back after having my photo taken.

the setting

the setting

But the invited guests trooped in small groups and shortly before 7pm the event kicked off. It would be needless perhaps to point out that the patrons were all elegantly dressed and to quote one tweep, “this was not one of those ratchet events.” The Emcee for the day was one Larry Madowo and in his characteristic fashion, mostly unsuccessfully, he tried to keep the audience in stitches as his abundant reservoir of humor proved inadequate.

Larry  the MC

Larry the MC

The awards went, hopefully, to the most deserving blogs. Let me single out Bikozulu for finally winning the creative blog’s category; in my humble opinion, the award was long overdue. After all, high school is the platform most bloggers use not only as a learning platform but a pedestal to gauge their learning curve. I met the guy after the gala, introduced myself and after his graceful prompting; we toasted to creativity and the loneliness that haunts great writers everywhere. As our glasses clashed in a moment of kindred appreciation, one realizes that great or small; most writers are united by a singular and profound destiny. I also had the pleasure to interact with other winners like SokoAnalyst and RockeScientist.

The awards were presented by various people, some representing the sponsors and others fellow bloggers of some renown. Two bloggers in particular stood out, AKenyanGal and Kenyanpoet, very distinguished ladies these two are. But another artist, Elpoet, stole the show with his rhymes and the two pieces he performed were received with applause by the guests. The first award was presented by the outgoing chairman of the ICT board, Mr. Kokubo who offered an inspiring speech on the growth of blogging and the kind of influential platform it’s likely to become if well harnessed.

The event came to an end slightly after 9pm and it proved the opportune time for guests to network and catch up, such camaraderie aided by some smooth Irish whiskey; Biko I’m not pointing fingers here. Lastly, special mention to Savvykenya who gave up her slot so I can attend and I am eternally grateful to Jeremy for choosing this opportune moment in time to grace our mortal world. One can’t help but hope, on a lighter note, that Jeremy gets a sister same time next year. All in all, it was a great event and one can’t help look forward to next year’s gala.

For more photos, check out BAKE on facebook

And the winners were:

1.Best Business Blog

2.Best Political Blog

3.Best Sport Blog

4.Best Technology Blog

5.Best Topical Blog

6.Best Travel Blog

7.Best Corporate Blog

8.Best Creative Writing Blog

9.Best Entertainment/Agricultural Blog

10.Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog

11.Best fashion Blog

12.Best Food Blog

13.Best new Blog

14.Best Photography Blog

15.Kenyan Blog of the Year

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