Wow, the years slip by so fast. One moment you’re class 3 reciting a poem at the school assembly, the next you’re 25 years old and a mother. When did I transition into this mid 20’s woman? Luckily, I have documented most of my formative years in blogs: from 2008-2010 and 2011 to now (this blog). Perhaps when I look back, I can hold onto some fragment of time that quickly slips from our grasp, a time when memories play shadow games with our mind.

Image from web

Image from web

This post is late, my 25th birthday was actually last month but it’s not easy to find time to come up with a ‘deep’ post such as the one I did on my 24th when I felt inspired. I think I might have been going through a heartbreak (he he), and such things often inspire writers.

For my 23rd, I actually had some sort of party, thanks to my friends. We had just finished campus and were suffering from leavers’ blues so we went back to our hangout in Juja: Senate Hotel and had a swimming kind of day. It was kinda special because I was turning 23 on the 23rd!

At 22, I wrote my life story in brief.

For my 21st birthday, I reviewed a Chinese Nokla N95.

Nokla N95 v Nokia N95

And earlier on, I had a teenage blog.

Well, that’s been my trip down memory lane.

Memory lane looks like this in my mind..

I have been blogging for 6 years now! When I look back down memory lane, I’m proud of myself. I think I turned out alright, and I’m on the right path towards whichever goals I wish to achieve.

My 24th year was certainly the most life changing. I was traveling, working, partying, studying, discovering and enjoying my pregnancy (the kicks are wonderful, and even in my next life I’ll want to be a woman so I can be pregnant at least once).

Here’s to my 25th year! And to motherhood!

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