Safaricom Apps Development Challenge

Safaricom Limited has launched the Safaricom Appwiz Challenge, targeting new mobile application developers in Kenya. The aim is to equip the participants with entrepreneurial and technological skills, as part of the ongoing commitment by the organization to help nurture a profitable local apps industry.

This challenge is focusing on the following categories:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Health Financial Inclusion
  3. Education Entertainment
  4. Games and Media
  5. Utilities
  6. Transport and Infrastructure
  7. Public Safety and Security

What’s interesting about this challenge is that there will be an incubation period after the submission, where the challengers will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

Important Dates:

Launch: 09/05/2013
Submission Closure: 28/06/2013
Hack-a-thon: 27th to 28th July 2013
Incubation Start Date: 12/08/2013
Incubation Ends: 25/10/2013
Final Event- Award Ceremony: 01/11/2013

The grand prize winner will walk away with Ksh 1,500,000 with the runner up taking Ksh 1,000,000. Category winners will take Ksh 200,000 each.

Check it out and Register today!

If you need any clarification Please contact the AppWiz team via

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