Samsung Galaxy S4: First Impressions

To be honest, I haven’t really had time to get down and dirty with the phone, so I can’t give an in-depth review for the geeks and enthusiasts. However, here’s my quick impression of the phone so far:


The Galaxy S4- side view. Image from

The Galaxy S4- side view. Image from

It’s a winning design for sure. It’s slim, but not the sliding slimness of its predecessor, which falls off your hands and almost breaks your nose when you’re surfing in bed. It’s less slippery and I love the metal-cased edges. It’s small enough to type with one hand unlike the Samsung Note II, my previous device. You can also walk with it in your hand and it should slide into the slimmest-fitting jeans with ease.

Battery Life

Android drains battery :(

Android drains battery 😦

The battery life has definitely improved on the S3, as expected. However, for a busy user like me, I still have to charge it once a day.

Screen Clarity

Life in full coluor :)

Life in full coluor 🙂

The colours feel so natural on the screen, and nowhere is clarity felt than when reading something on the screen, for example when using the browser or reading an e-book. The screen is also scratch-resistant since it’s made of gorilla glass so you can put it your pocket full of keys etc and it will still come out smooth. Someone ran over it with his car and it didn’t crack.. but don’t try that at home!

Accidental Damage From Handling- Covered



Should your S3 screen break, expect to fork out anything between 20-25K for a replacement. For the Note II, you’ll be told 30-40K by an unblinking attendant. With the Samsung Galaxy S IV, you get a two year warranty that covers accidental damage from handling. Your screen can be repaired twice in a period of under two years. You should still get a case though. I’m looking for a white flip case to compliment my white S4.


S4 camera versus other phones' cameras. Image from

S4 camera versus other phones’ cameras

With a 13MP rear camera, you should be able to take amazing photographs of scenery.. can’t wait for my next out-of-door activity/roadtrip.

Looking forward to experimenting with all the fancy features and neat tricks, that’s the next review.

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