The Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

Great news everyone!

For the next four Fridays, I am giving away a Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM phone to one lucky reader of this blog (new winner each week).

The Nokia Asha 205

The Nokia Asha 205

This phone with its games and applications, and simple user interface, plus the QWERTY keyboard is best suited for someone who likes chatting on social networks. Or someone who likes texting, a lot.

For this week, all you have to do is describe the feature you like most about the Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM or what you would do with the phone if you got it, in less than 100 words. On Friday I will pick the one that stands out the most and give the phone to that person.

Comments will be closed on Thursday mid-night and a winner will be announced on Friday at noon. Competition restricted to Kenyans.

So go ahead and leave a comment below!

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16 Responses to The Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM

  1. The highness says:

    The fact that it is dual sim makes it convenient for those with two sim cards, it also supports upto 32 GB of memory plus it’s 64mb internal memory. With a facebook dedicated key, it makes it easier to access facebook. The battery music play time of 31 hrs is also very convenient for music lovers


  2. vistamediainc says:

    Alright…this sounds interesting. First off, I’m 100% Kenyan so I qualify. Haha. Second, I lost my phone and I am working with a burner 😦 – a Nokia C1. Do you know how stressing that thing is? I send mail on the go, and the Nokia Asha 205 will be a great companion for this task because now I can have both my lines in – one for calls, na iyo ingine ya unlimited internet. I cannot do this with the Nokia C1 thingy. Plus the QWERTY keyboard is absolute bliss; I text and email a lot and I am always making noise on social media…I’m hoping I kept that below 100 words.


  3. Nduati Martin says:

    Simple Dual SIM phone with swag and all the gud stuff Nokia phones are known for: durability, long battery life, functionality.


  4. Wanjeri says:

    I’ve been a Nokia fan since they made the 3310. #TeamSnake However, I switched to Blackberry last year and needless to say, I’m tired of the annoying processing clock I know the Nokia Asha 205 does not have. Plus, it looks sturdy and will probably not get destroyed when dropped all over the place, as I tend to do with the BB in frustration. Also, it probably has snake, yes?


  5. David 'Dekayd Orca' Kabii says:

    When the budget was read, my already hard life got harder. I need to use the cheapest mode of communication, and the Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM will allow me to communicate on the web with my tech-savvy friends and the rest using the cheapest provider plan thanks to the dual SIM. Since it comes with a radio, I can now sell mine; I could use the cash. Being java-enabled means it’s perfect for me as a mobile developer and will serve as my test device for J2ME apps, something my Kabambe can not help with.


  6. Toniwans says:

    First of all being an Loyal Nokia user, The Asha 205 will certainly be an upgrade from my current eSeries.

    The feature I would use the most would be the dedicated Facebook button and the fact that this phone has social network server integration is a total plus, since am an online marketer it would be awesome to be in the loop with whats up on social media.

    Speaking of whatsapp, this would be the first feature i install if it is not preloaded, just to stay in touch with all my whatappérs 🙂

    The ability to record straight from radio is just too cool, its like having a PVR but for radio lol! can’t wait to see how this works. (The Lunje in me).

    Oh and then twin sim, surely its about time I stopped removing one sim from my current phone and putting my other line just so that I can use it, my single sim nokia has had enough of this.

    Oh Nokia Asha 205 please take my troubles away!!!! 🙂


  7. arungaian says:

    Me I just want a dual sim phone… With my Jaluoness I have too many phones.. This would help 🙂


  8. Zablon says:

    I kinda missed the whole migration to the qwerty era. So this would literally be a very giant leap for man(me) so to speak. that plus the fact that its very embarrassing and annoying to reach for my wallet every five minutes only to pull a sim card because i don’t have a particular number saved on the sim card that’s in the phone.


  9. kobi humphrey. says:

    I would be able to record my favourite radio shows whenever I am busy and revisit the shows later during my free time.I would also have easy time learning programming Languages through online tutorials and accessing various blogs and websites rather than visiting the cyber which is costly and also inconvenient.the long battery life of the phone is also a feature that I like .


  10. cdooh says:

    I want it because I’ve been a loyal reader of your blog for several years now but I need it because the phone I’m using now,the Nokia N900, is a data hog but I still need a smartphone that has basic functionality and apps. Finally I should get it because I’ve only ever used Nokias since my first phone in 2007


  11. John wa mulika mwizi says:

    Been a facebook addict, I felt so bad when I lost my Nokia Asha 205 Dual Sim at the famous Ngara black spot, you know why I had bought it – the dedicated facebook button made it easier for me to get to my fellow facebook addicts. I have now been reduced to the lesser Nokia 105 ya mkenya wa kawaida, Savvy! I really need that phone just because of that button.


  12. Erick Mwafrika Ndungi says:

    The thought of me accessing the net from my phone!!! is like offering me a smartphone.

    Kwane smartphone ni nini when you are used to #team_kabambe.

    C it is sorting your life with a well designed phone that is user friendly with a colored screen and a qwerty keyboard ka hizi PC tunatumia cyber.

    In-fact having this Kabambe is more expensive than having a proper duos with a good range of net connectivity. the easy swap can let you enjoy cheap services from different networks, minimizing your phone bills and organizing your private life.


  13. yobra says:

    Hi, if I was to get the Nokia Asha 205 phone, I would give my mum. She has been having the same Nokia phone since 2005, to be specific Nokia 2600. She has never changed the battery nor the cover of the phone it is still the same one she got it since 2005. She is a Nokia fun guess the oldest and a devoted one indeed. I would like to give her a Nokia phone to share another history of the same.


  14. John Mwangi says:

    I can tell a story of how I dropped my touch-screen smartphone and it shattered to pieces. I can tell a story of a phone that dropped into (toilet, yuck!) water and that was the end of it. I can tell a story of a smartphone which had me tethered to a socket. I can tell a story of broken finger nails prying open the back covers of phones to exchange SIM cards.

    With the Nokia Asha 205, I won’t have to tell these stories anymore!


  15. Bundotich says:

    I’m from Nandi Hills but a young upcoming stakeholder in the Techy industry. I’m enthusiastic with social and technology having Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM will see me follow up the trends in the industry. And will also serve as an upgrade to my phone.


  16. Frank Wachiuri Wa Afc says:

    what i would do with nokia asha 205 if i got it.

    I would be glad to be the lucky winner of this unique and efficient phone.If i win it,i would give it to my mum as a birthday present.Her birthday is on sunday 23rd june.Currently she uses a nokia 1110 and she would be ontop of the moon receiving a birthday present from her son.
    Since its a dual sim phone,she will be using the simcard of her choice at any time without necessarily removing one to insert the other.


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