The Summary: Samsung Galaxy S4

Okay, over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about the good, the better and the best of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s arguably the world’s best smartphone (I said arguably :-/ ). Among the contenders for this spot for Android include the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra; with the Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 lagging a bit behind but top in their ecosystems.

Here’s my summary of the reasons you should have an S4 if you can afford it in Kenya

  • Support at the Samsung shops in Nairobi for your phone issues. If you ask me where the Sony Xperia support offices are in Nairobi, I will be blank. HTC too.
  • An Android ecosystem that’s free and easy to use. The best Android has to offer (software
  • Physically sturdy and attractive. Specifications are top of the range (hardware)

Like all perfect things, it has its flaws; hence its perfect in its imperfection (I read that somewhere but it was referring to a person!). Here are my downsides in my use of the phone so far:

  • Radio missing. Like seriously, WTF? I don’t want to stream radio when I can listen to it for free! Data bundles cost an arm and a leg! Please do return the radio (take away the IR blaster for the remote if you must) but let there be free radio in S5. A pity it can’t be fixed with an update.
  • Camera app that freezes and then reboots the phone. You can imagine how frustrating it is. The good news is that this has been fixed with an update so I should update my firmware soon and its fixed. In fact, let me do it right now with night-shift data.
  • Battery life in comparison with the Note II: I am having to charge it more often than when I was using a Note II. The smaller size means a smaller battery. However, if you compare it with its predecessor the S3, it performs much better.

In Conclusion:

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2 Responses to The Summary: Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. @martingicheru says:

    Savvy, see all those highlighted settings, turn those off when you don’t need them, they use sensors and hence consume power.

    The Galaxy S 4 performs way better than the S 3 if you learn this. Also, you forgot the part where the Galaxy S 4 is a full HD screen device, that naturally consumes more power.


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