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In Search of the Perfect Product: Always Platinum

I was shocked to find out that if you’re having your period you cannot take communion. That’s just absurd. Apparently you’re considered ‘unclean’. Is this the kind of thing we are teaching our young girls hitting puberty? You can just … Continue reading

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I Love My Job

When I try to ask myself who am I, and what am I doing on this earth and such like questions that have no real answers; it is usually because I’m trying to find direction and motivation on the way … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the Final Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

And the winner from last week’s final giveaway is: [adrotate banner=”1″] Nyaboke with this comment: I feel like this is finally my chance to experience a smartphone. I am currently using a Nokia mulika mwizi and would you believe it, … Continue reading

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The Final Nokia Asha 205 is up for Grabs!

In the last one month, 3 lucky winners have got themselves a Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM each. [adrotate banner=”1″] All the first winner had to do was leave a comment describing the phone or what he/she would do with … Continue reading

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Panasonic Plaza To Open Tomorrow

Good news to existing Panasonic customers, there is now a service center for your electronics. Panasonic are opening a showroom and service center in Nairobi tomorrow that will serve as the hub for East Africa. I don’t know where guys … Continue reading

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Crossing the Roads in Nairobi

In my primary school, we were taught how to cross the road. Look left, look right then look left again. If the road is clear, cross. Walk, do not run. In my earlier years I went to a school upcountry … Continue reading

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Wanadamu Celebrates Two Years of Uniting Blood Donors and Recipients

I have only donated blood about twice in my entire life. Both times I was in campus, and it was because the blood collectors Bloodlink came and camped at the campus for a whole week and we psyched each other … Continue reading

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The Inaugural Kenya Social Media Awards are On!

In case you have not been following the news on social media, the social media awards were launched a while ago. The main sponsor of the social media awards (SOMA) is OLX Kenya. At the moment, the nominations are closed, … Continue reading

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The 3rd Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

Dear readers, Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I had to select one randomly and the process of selection was the one of pick-papers-from-a-pile-while-blindfolded! Will post pictures later. (Look out for the updated post) I know this post … Continue reading

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Recent Reads #2

These are amateur (and personal) reviews of the books I have recently read. Here is the previous post of reads. And also this one. White Fang by Jack London White Fang is an e-book that I read some months ago. … Continue reading

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