The 3rd Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

Dear readers,

Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I had to select one randomly and the process of selection was the one of pick-papers-from-a-pile-while-blindfolded! Will post pictures later. (Look out for the updated post) I know this post comes 3.5 hours late!

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And the winner is..!




Please do contact me so you can pick up your Nokia Asha 205 Dual-SIM.

I want to thank all those who took part, don’t give. There is one last Nokia Asha 205 Dual-SIM to give away. Do check this blog for that post on Monday.

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1 Response to The 3rd Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

  1. james says:

    wow,what a sexy phone,stlyish covers,two in one phone and he games as listed are wow! i wish i could get my hands on one!


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