The Inaugural Kenya Social Media Awards are On!

In case you have not been following the news on social media, the social media awards were launched a while ago. The main sponsor of the social media awards (SOMA) is OLX Kenya.


At the moment, the nominations are closed, but you can still participate in the process of voting for your favorite nominee once the judges finish their selection.

I am honoured to be among the SOMA judges, alongside colleagues Jamues Murua, Marvin Tumbo and Michael Owora. I guess you learn a thing or two when you have been blogging for close to 8 years now.

While there were the blogger awards of Kenya for the second year, the social media awards encompass more than just the bloggers. They seek to recognize influence in other social networks such as facebook and twitter.

It’s always exciting doing something for the first time, and I’m looking forward to the award ceremony in August when the winners will be finally announced.

Meanwhile, you can keep up with the conversation on facebook or twitter.

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1 Response to The Inaugural Kenya Social Media Awards are On!

  1. Dash says:

    Looking forward to it.

    – Dash2Do


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