Wanadamu Celebrates Two Years of Uniting Blood Donors and Recipients

I have only donated blood about twice in my entire life. Both times I was in campus, and it was because the blood collectors Bloodlink came and camped at the campus for a whole week and we psyched each other up to go donate. (The free soda/biscuits/tshirt/wristband help too). Each time I donated, I felt good, I felt I had saved a life. In fact, the t-shirt I got after I donated blood says “Mimi Ni Shujaa, Nimedonate Damu Kiasi” – I’m a hero, I’ve donated some blood

I’ve been out of campus for many years now but I haven’t donated since then, because sometimes I don’t know when/where to go donate, except when I see blood appeal tweets on my timeline on twitter/facebook. What if I am off these sites at the time and I don’t see the appeal? Enter Wanadamu. Bridging the gap between the donors and recipients.

The wanadamu logo

The wanadamu logo

It’s a very simple yet powerful concept. You sign up on their website as a donor, and each time there is a blood appeal near your area, you get a notification to go donate.

If you need blood, you can submit an appeal and Wanadamu will take it up and find you the donors you need. It helps of course, if you have been a donor before so all your details are known beforehand.


Wanadamu now have a database of 15,000 registered donors! They have responded to appeals not only in Kenya but in Uganda and South Sudan with support from partners such as Safaricom, Wamathai, Resolution Insurance, Kenya Tweets, Kenyan Mom, Nafterli Car world, Mamaye, Village Market, Pawa254 and Kenya Road Safety.

Wanadamu have also introduced offline registration so if they come to a place near you with forms, please be a willing donor and register 🙂

Sign Up

If you are a healthy adult, please sign up here to save a life. I’ve already just signed up although I cannot donate blood just yet (having undergone a major surgery in March).

Sign Up Today

Sign Up Today

You can find Wanadamu on Facebook and Twitter or through the numbers below:

Contacts: 0737 712 509 / 020 233 4318

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