Panasonic Plaza To Open Tomorrow

Good news to existing Panasonic customers, there is now a service center for your electronics. Panasonic are opening a showroom and service center in Nairobi tomorrow that will serve as the hub for East Africa. I don’t know where guys used to take their devices for servicing before, maybe it’s the local fundi down the block. Time now for professional service.

I must admit as much as I know of the Panasonic brand, what stands out for me are their professional camcorders. I’ve always wanted one for my secret dream career as a movie director/producer/camerawoman. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a walk to their new showroom, I love admiring new electronics.

A panasonic camcorder..

A panasonic camcorder..

Panasonic has a wide range of products from air conditioners to fridges and other kitchen appliances, to mobile phones. I’d say they are trying to give companies established in Kenya like Samsung a run for their money. Their mobile phones are not available locally just yet (or they are and I haven’t seen them) but I am sure we all appreciate diversity and do look forward to checking them out.

The Panasonic Eluga (waterproof they say)

The Panasonic Eluga range of phones (waterproof they say)

Healthy competition among electronic companies can only work for the good of the consumers (you and me) so their Showroom and Service Center located along Mpaka Road, Westlands, is quite welcome.

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  1. ernest says:

    I love the Phone


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