The Final Nokia Asha 205 is up for Grabs!

In the last one month, 3 lucky winners have got themselves a Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM each.

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All the first winner had to do was leave a comment describing the phone or what he/she would do with it if he/she got one.

The second winner was the first person to leave a comment, touching on the 40 free games offer available for East African Nokia Asha users.

The selection for the third winner was totally random.

Sometimes the phones are collected through proxies so I don’t have pictures of all the winners yet, but I will do a follow-up post to see how they have been enjoying their Nokia Asha 205s.

One thing I have noticed is that all the winners have been male. So today I am taking affirmative action. Dear female readers, this is your chance to get the last of the Nokia Asha 205s that I had to give away. Leave a comment below, express your opinion on how you think this phone will suit you as a female user. Be it the colourful styles, the rapid typing, the music, the dedicated facebook button.. And on Saturday I will announce the winner.

Competition is only open to Kenyan female readers. Comments close on Friday at midnight.

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6 Responses to The Final Nokia Asha 205 is up for Grabs!

  1. Jane says:

    The dual sim swap functionality is what i need. Again i soo need a phone with a keypad my fat fingers don’t go well with touch screen phones. I love colour


  2. MumLovesTech says:

    The expressive design with modern vivid two tone color combinations is both feminine and bold.

    QWERTY Key are just the right size for my fingers. The size and shape of the phone is sexy, not to big , not to small. Just the right siz to fit into my hand bag or my jeans pocket

    Cool apps for women like Her insipration , Two in one for every women , Beauty 101 app for ladies , Mirror

    As a woman I am all about saving as much as possible in all my expenditure. Given that the Nokia Asha 205 xpress browser loasda 3 times faster that most other browser, how much I spend on data will definitely decrease

    I can keep up with my chama page updates with the dedicated FB button,and also all the 411 on the ebuddy chat.

    Radio and music on the go and also with a memory card , i can load inspirational audio to listen to while stuck in Jam!

    As a mum of three kids the 40 downloadable games will come to the rescue to keep the kids occupied , while on a road trip to shag or when mama needs to nap!

    Nokia 205 is the phone for a social, studying , working and or

    stay- at-home mama!


  3. Lilian Monyenye says:

    I love the Personal Information Management Features like the Calculator, Calendar, Notes, Alarm clock and Reminders. The simple reason is to monitor my cycle to avoid unnecessary embarrassment especially when the end of the cycle comes with no notice. This combination of features ensures I am reminded of when to shop for essential stuff and the right time to keep myself clear of any embarrassments.

    The Dual Sim Capability will save me a lot of time trying to swap Sim cards, something common for us ladies since we have a dedicated number for official use and one to flirt around with due to the demand from men.

    Apart from this, the numerous features will enable me to be an organized woman without having to do a lot of diary carrying around. I like being light all the time and having all the features totaling to 94 grams not forgetting the 40 EA games in my pocket on a Nokia Asha 205 gadget, nothing else can stop me from achieving my goals with entertainment from the FM radio and when radio is boring, 32GB of mp3 music is a marathon on the go on a strong battery life of course owned by the Nokia Asha 205.

    It inspires a LADY and I am one of the inspired ones.


  4. Nyaboke says:

    I feel like this is finally my chance to experience a smartphone. I am currently using a Nokia mulika mwizi and would you believe it, it doesn’t even have music! It is held together by two rubber bands after centuries of use have rendered the back cover useless. The keypad is also hanging loosely, I fear one more day of use and the rubber casing will fall off! I am an embarrassment to the female, phone loving population and it is time that status changed! Noone needs this Nokia Asha 205 as much as I do.


  5. Billiah Mwango says:

    Nokia phone hardware strengths

    Here I look at the key parts of a phone and illustrate how Nokia beats the others. But though I focus on the hardware I will quickly mention that the software is also great so user friendly favoring everyone across society. Now the hardware:


    Nokia phones have soft and easy to press keypads which don’t
    hurt or wear the fingers when pressing. Mobile
    phones users, I inclusive, text a lot and the softer the key, the more user
    friendly the device is. I once had another brand of phone which required me to
    grow my thumb nails and use quite some force so as to be able to press the
    keys. With Nokia none of that ever happens. After prolonged use the keys of
    other phones wear out, the numbers and letters become invisible and one has to
    depend on their instincts to type. Not so with the Nokia whose keys remain as
    good as new.


    Nokia chargers are reliable. Once you plug it you are sure
    the phone will charge and within the shortest period possible. No need to keep
    checking whether the phone is charging or not, as it happens with some other
    phones. The Nokia charger also lasts for long. Many other phones will have
    their chargers and charging systems destroying so fast and users end up using
    universal chargers which destroy the batteries. With a Nokia charger, you don’t
    have to look for other alternative chargers.

    Ear Piece & Mouth Piece
    You will never hear a Nokia with faulty mouthpiece or
    earpiece. Despite the dusty environment and how many times the phone actually
    falls down the very essential parts remain intact. They rarely come apart or

    Nokia phones have strong batteries which maintain the charge
    for long periods. Once charged,
    Nokia phones can go up to a week or three days without requiring more charge.
    The user feels secure to listen to music, play games, surf the internet,
    without fear that the phone will go off. Nokia batteries also fit well inside
    the phone and they don’t require the user, as with other phones to insert some
    paper in the space between the connectors for the battery to fit well inside
    the phone.

    Phone Cover
    Nokia’s phone covers fit the phone so well such that you’ll
    never find some keys or buttons missing from a Nokia handset. No matter how
    many times they fall, they stay intact to protect the inside of the phone. I
    have a Nokia 1600 and my baby has thrown it to the floor a hundred and one
    times but it’s still intact.

    Nokia earphones are yet hardware strength. The earphones
    enable the user to listen to music loud and clear. With a button that helps to
    change radio channels and receive calls. This reduces the procedure of using
    the phone itself to receive calls and change channels when listening to music.
    They are also pinned and they don’t destroy as easily as other brands’ earphones.
    They can be used for very long when well maintained. They are friendly to the

    Nokia phones are designed
    so well I find them quite sexy. The curves are smooth, the outer cover is
    smooth, the keys are not protruding in a scary manner and even the colors are so
    cool. It is just the best phone to move around with. They are made in sizes
    that are easily manageable and wonderful to the hands.

    Now with all those strengths and more that I haven’t
    mentioned it is a phone I would recommend to people around me. To my Mum,
    friends and relatives because it’s simply the best. Better than all the rest and
    I hope I get the Nokia Asha 205 which has all the great things in a phone;
    dedicated Facebook button, 40 EA games, the Nokia Xpress browser and much more.The Nokia Asha 205 will take me to the next level of enjoying Nokia phones.


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    Ondiege Matthew • 3 days ago

    Nokia is all about connecting people. Nokia are big on User Experience and therefore for that connection to happen that process has to be easy and simple. Nokia is uncomplicated. Use a Nokia 1280 and get your hands on a Nokia 5030 and you get around and always find your way. Upgrade to an Asha 205 and the only difference is you have more apps to play with and now a QWERTY keypad. Getting round it is easy. Nokia phones are also known for good battery life and stand by time.

    I would recommend this phone to all my friends and family , as a matter of fact my wife has a Nokia Asha 205 and I always ey


  6. Gabax says:

    Facebook button- it will make it easy for me to access Facebook without going through the browser.

    Nokia browser – i will be able to download loads of files from the internet and directly save them on my memory card for reference.

    With slam Quick share- transferring of contacts from one phone to another will be easier i will avoid the hustle of writing the contacts down and then transferring them manually to the other phone there fore saving time..

    With Instant messaging i will enjoy receiving my Facebook messages just like SMS therefore keeping up to date with friends on social sites

    With Nokia hereby ill be able to located most of the roads and building locations in town without asking therefore it will help improve my security..

    With the Nokia EA games i Will not get bored when traveling long distance i will enjoy free play/ downloads for most of the games.

    With the Dual Sim hot swap ill be guaranteed not to miss any important calls when it comes to changing the Sim cards therefore my business will always be on the go.


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