Congratulations to the Final Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

And the winner from last week’s final giveaway is:

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Nyaboke with this comment:

I feel like this is finally my chance to experience a smartphone. I am currently using a Nokia mulika mwizi and would you believe it, it doesn’t even have music! It is held together by two rubber bands after centuries of use have rendered the back cover useless. The keypad is also hanging loosely, I fear one more day of use and the rubber casing will fall off! I am an embarrassment to the female, phone loving population and it is time that status changed! Noone needs this Nokia Asha 205 as much as I do.

Two of the comments were posted after the Friday mid-night deadline (I forgot to close the disqus thread). Anyway I am glad this phone is going to a lady, so please get in touch with me and I will deliver this phone to you.

In a summary, the Nokia Asha 205 is capable of using 2 SIM cards, has a QWERTY keypad, comes in many different colours, relatively wide screen for playing games, comes with an offer of 40 free games from the Ovi store, has a browser that can compress data up to 90% saving your costly MBs among other features.

Colourful Nokia Asha 205s

Colourful Nokia Asha 205s

I want to thank all readers who participated in this exciting give-away adventure. Till next time.

Remember if you didn’t get lucky, you can still buy this phone from the shops for only Ksh 5,000.

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2 Responses to Congratulations to the Final Winner of the Nokia Asha 205

  1. Mteule Nyakundi Aquinas says:

    Congrats to her. You mean men wanted to snatch everything? We are cursed.


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