I Love My Job

When I try to ask myself who am I, and what am I doing on this earth and such like questions that have no real answers; it is usually because I’m trying to find direction and motivation on the way forward. As if such a thing is even possible. But perhaps on some level, you do find what you need to make you look forward to the future.



I think campus is the defining age, where character is etched in us. It’s the age where you decide what you will do in the future, not an exact definition but a general idea of where you will be as a young adult, a middle-aged person, an elderly person.

I have done my fair share of projects, sub-projects, contractual jobs, volunteer jobs etc Although all were IT-related, there is the matter of whether I was becoming a Jill of all trades and master of none. Sometime last year, when I finished the classwork of my master’s course, I decided I would go into stable employment. Regular salary at the end of the month.

I got a job at a company that was a start-up, paid little (money is always relative) but it was always on time. I lasted 3 months and left mostly because I was unhappy. I realized it wasn’t the place I wanted to be, I wasn’t proud of my job, I didn’t see a future, career advancement and growth. And so after 3 months, I quit. There might also have been the matter of bosses whom I couldn’t relate with (sure no one says you have to relate with your bosses but still there’s that level of confidence you should have in the people controlling your paycheck).

One month later, I had two exciting offers with relatively good pay. One was more exciting than the other but was riskier and had little room for growth (I was going to start at the top, per se), the second one was less exciting but more stable and I was starting out at the bottom rung of the ladder, so to speak. What really tipped the scale in favour of the second offer was the fact that I was then 5 months pregnant, and I knew I would get my maternity leave hassle free with the second option. Plus the stability is what I needed to settle down and raise my son without worry. At least for now.

The moment I started working at my current job, I knew I made the right choice. Sure, it’s an 8-5pm, suit-wearing kind of job. But it reminds of the TV show, Suits. Complete with partnership reward if you get to the very top. No, it’s not a law firm but it’s an international audit firm (I do IT audit, generally speaking). I’m proud when I say what I do, where I work. I can go literally anywhere in the world and be recognized as an employee of the firm. If my work is satisfactory, exceptional, there will be opportunities for growth in/out of the firm.

For now, I enjoy what I do. I am happy at the end of the day, I go home knowing I achieved something. How miserable would I be if I spent the best hours of my day doing something I don’t like?


But do I really love my job? Ask me this question in a year and I will have the real answer.

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10 Responses to I Love My Job

  1. pitzevans says:

    i feel you on the bosses u cant connect, mine is worse and im surely on the quit path too


  2. Mackel9 says:

    Answer this after 12 months, “Do you love your job?”. I think the twenties are a very tricky phase in ones life, especially after school. You get out and start wondering what is it you really want, stability or risk and dynamism (which could mean you don’t get paid on time at times!). With the little one in the picture now, i don’t think he would understand why he doesn’t have a new toy because your pay got late… Well lets continue with the countdown and see how things go.


  3. mojo706 says:

    I work from 2-5 the pay is crap but the work I get to do is why I wake up every morning. Money not so important I’m in it for the experience. I understand where you are now.


  4. CeskyCess says:

    I’m happy to hear that you love your job. It’s very important that we love what we do for our own sanity. I also love my job.


  5. woolie says:

    Great post and lovely comments. Nice to see there are some people who can openly say they like their jobs. In my experience we never said that too loudly in case the bosses overheard and did something about it. :-).

    It is fair to say that world of work has evolved beyond recognition. Gone are the days when you heard people talk of a “job for life” where you worked for the same employer – starting at the lowest rung and rising through the ranks to retire at the very top. These days we tend to work for different employers for shorter periods as you have shown, Savvy and the employee with a colourful CV is much sought after as it is expected that they will have a more rounded world view.

    It is not always easy but we must try to find employment that suits us.


    • savvykenya says:

      True we must find employment that suits us.. or venture into our businesses.

      The employment world has truly changed, my friends change jobs every 2-3 years or less.


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