In Search of the Perfect Product: Always Platinum

I was shocked to find out that if you’re having your period you cannot take communion. That’s just absurd. Apparently you’re considered ‘unclean’. Is this the kind of thing we are teaching our young girls hitting puberty? You can just imagine what it does to their confidence, not only dealing with the physiological occurrences at this time, but now there are spiritual implications too? Sometimes I find myself arguing against patriarchal religions like Christianity and Islam; and yet other times I understand their importance in a society like ours. But this post isn’t about religion and my views about the same.

When a girl hits puberty, it should not be a time of shame but a time of celebration. Her first period should be celebrated as a welcome into womanhood, not something to feel dirty about or to be ashamed of. Heck it’s a sign of fertility and future propagation of species is guaranteed. (And this statement is no way a pro-teenage pregnancy advocacy) If I ever have a daughter I will take her out in this special day and we shop for feminine products.

I must admit that Always have done a great job of giving girls their confidence back and for most of us this was our introductory product. But sometimes you wonder if there’s a better product out there and I found it, Always Platinum. It might be a little pricier (Singles- Ksh 110, duo packs Ksh 200) but it’s definitely worth it. Try it out next time. I’ll await your feedback.

Always Platinum

Always Platinum

It’s a good thing Always is constantly improving. Plus I like the name, Platinum. Makes me feel like I’m special. Which I am so it more like reaffirms it.

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4 Responses to In Search of the Perfect Product: Always Platinum

  1. Jay says:

    Hi girl, i used Always Platinum and this product is definitely a quality product. I have used a few products and the big thing for me is the leak factor.

    Platinum holds well and it has a soft layer that is comfortable and even if having a heavy flow it is all the way comfortable.

    I like the feel, the flexibility and you almost forget that you are having your period. This is a product i am telling all my friends, family and all i meet to use.

    I had stopped using Always and started on Kotex but this new Platinum product is superior. The wings hold well now i want to get the whole product range from liners just because of a comfortable, dry and soft experience using Always Platinum.

    I am a believer after using this product. 🙂 :).



  2. Muraya Kamau says:

    I am here reading this post wondering why I clicked the link. :p


  3. Just Jere says:

    is that story about communion official as in 2013? cause that’s messed up!


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