Always Platinum – Why You Should Get It

Always Platinum was launched in Kenya at a colourful event at Sankara, where yours truly made an appearance. While everybody was in dresses and heels, I missed the memo on dress code and appeared in jeans and flats hence you will not be seeing any pictures of me from that event!

P n G staff pose with the Always Platinum product

P n G staff pose with the Always Platinum product

So what’s so different with the new product? Well for once, the top sheet of the pad is made of a silk-like soft and dry material that feels great, not like the (sometimes sticky) plastic of the ordinary pads that’s precursor to the dreaded rash after long use.

In addition, it has new technology which locks odor and powerful core with specifically designed absorbed gelling material. And no, it doesn’t emit any scents like those scented pads do (while the scented pads emit a fairly pleasant smell, it’s a signature scent that lets everyone around you know it IS that time of the month).

Having used it, I can say that this product lives up to its expectations. It feels luxurious, and comfortable too. No more leakage, even for a heavy flow. (At this point, I feel like bursting into that check-check song). Always has always been superior on quality, and Always Platinum feels (and is) quality. If you’re going for pads really, this is the best there is in the market.

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