The Social Media Awards Gala

The inaugural social media awards was a success, I can proudly report. While I was not an organizer, I was one of the judges who had to narrow down the nominees in each category to 5; and then the public voted for the winners.

The gala dinner was held at Laico Regency on Friday 9th August and when we walked in, the set up was perfect. The lighting was good, the decor added the touch of glamour. Heineken, the official drinks sponsor, was all out with free beer for everybody. No, I haven’t resumed drinking so no matter how tempting free beer is, I turned it down in favour of various fruit juices.

The beer :)

The beer 🙂

The buffet dinner soon kicked off with starter soup, a reasonable variety of main dishes, and dessert on offer. The DJ played the music while we settled in with our meals, and the MC did such a great job that although the event started an hour later than scheduled, it ended on time.

Our laden dinner table

Our laden dinner table

There was entertainment by the likes of Chipukeezy (on Churchill Show) and those two clowns who sing by melting one song into the other.

The awards got underway, and in the corporate category, Safaricom outshone them all. As far as social media strategy is concerned really, Safaricom is setting the pace. Other winners included NTv, Homerun on Easy FM, and Pulse in the digital channels, radio channel and print magazine categories respectively. In the personality category, Julie Gichuru (check out the website, designed by my friend @murayakamau and some help from me) won the media personality award, among other winners. Check out the full list of nominees and winners.

The social media awards recognized and celebrated trendsetters in the social media space who offer a positive influence to Kenyans (individuals and corporates) online. I am already looking forward to next year’s event, which can only be bigger and better.

Yours truly presenting the award to Collins Nabiswa of NTv for digital channel of the year

Yours truly presenting the award to Collins Nabiswa of NTv for digital channel of the year

For the rest of the photos of the evening from Niaje, please check out their facebook album.

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5 Responses to The Social Media Awards Gala

  1. mojo706 says:

    this is a good thing next time allow guys to vote and also ask OLX to make a better site for the awards that thing they have is embarrassing


  2. pitzevans says:

    hmmm im sad i wasnt invited hehe otherwise can see you looked good in that dress


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