App Review: MyLingala

MyLingala is a native android Lingala-English lyrics translator app for Lingala enthusiasts (how many of those do you know?). But we grew up listening to Lingala when our parents were listening to it. Artists like Franco, Mbilia Bel etc, not forgetting modern artists like Fally Ipupa do hits that sound great for years on end.



Fally Ipupa performs

After searching the web for Lingala lyrics and their English translations online, Lingala music enthusiast Victor Njagi became increasingly frustrated by lack of any meaningful results. Frustrated and disappointed, he could not understand how such popular songs had limited web presence. This led him to take the bull by the horn and write an application that could offer English translations to Lingala lyrics.

Screenshot 2 App Review: MyLingala

Some of the songs already translated into English in the app

Mylingala is a simple lyrics translator that is very easy to use. The app is currently available at amazon app store, nexva and MTN Nigeria appstore.

Screenshot 1 App Review: MyLingala

A sample song with translated lyrics

Visit for more details on how you can get it.

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