RIP Idd Salim

I have been starting at this post for a while, wondering what to write. When I learned of Idd Salim‘s death last night, I remembered how I had on my to-do list a task: prepare will. Not that I have any assets to leave behind (for now), but I want when I do pass on, someone to get my passwords so they can shut down my internet accounts or post my parting message or something of the sort. I’m yet to prepare the said will. Now that one of us (Kenya online/tech scene) has passed on, following closely after the Westgate Mall terrorist attack, I feel my mortality more than ever.

IddSalim RIP Idd Salim

He described himself as coder, thinker, blogger. He was all those and more.

Our first interaction was online, and I commented a lot on his hard hitting posts (with analogies that bordered on the misogynistic). However in person, Idd Salim was different, softer, gentler, kinder. He had his dreams, and he blogged about them. In his second last blog, he wrote: “Chase your dream. Daily. Daily. Chase it.”

In the recent past, he was among the faces I looked out for every time I went to iHub or Nailab, and it will never be the same without him. He said things other bloggers were(are) too chicken to say, he took the bull (usually a telecom) by the horns. I know he was passionate about code, pool, and Arsenal.

One thing I noticed was that he changed his twitter name often. How ironic that his last name was “Disappearance Act”. The words on his twitter bio: “All previous system problems fixed. Initializing system reboot …” Oh, how I wish he’d reboot.

twitter Idd RIP Idd Salim

His twitter account

For all he was, all he did, all he aspired to do, I will remember him most for his dreams. Becoming a USD Million techpreneur. And chasing that dream. Daily. That, and his love for his daughters whom he mentioned from time to time in his blog posts.

Rest in peace Idd Salim. Till we meet again.

[I don’t Wanna Be ~ Gavin DeGraw]

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