No matter how much every day seems like the last one, one day you will wake up and realize that things have changed. The way you blog, what you blog about, when and how often you write.. all these things change. When I started our writing, it was easy enough. I was doing it for fun, for my own pleasure. I had a small audience of fellow bloggers and we shared the stories of our lives with each other. Gradually, the audience grew to non-bloggers, to friends on social media.. and eventually it’s grown to strangers whom I’ve never interacted with.

A friend who no longer blogs told me he stopped writing (about his life) because he realized the world was looking in. You become some sort of pseudo celeb sharing your life with hundreds, perhaps thousands of strangers. Not everyone is comfortable baring their all to the world (especially if you are not trying to be a -Kenyan- socialite). My blog has evolved from personal to opinion to technology-related posts and although I am reluctant to let go of the personal posts, I don’t want to share my life with virtual strangers. While we are on the subject of strangers, cease sending me linkedIn requests if we’ve never studied together or worked together or interacted at all in any way! It doesn’t make sense..

Looking in..

Looking in..

A few years ago, I was tweeting my every thought, every action, every amusing thing I came across. Now I can let go of a witty thought, just smile to myself. I must have been averaging over 100 tweets a day, but now I do 2 on a good day. I pause to think before I tweet. I have become conservative, boring even, I can feel old age creeping in (just kidding about the old age part, I’m only 25!)

The posts on my blog have now become a bizarre mixture of mobile phone reviews, motherhood and babies, football related posts, tech, music or poetry events, random business announcements.. even I am confused. But I know gradually I will find a constant, a balance between the different topics, and a balance between my personal voice and (professional) opinion. It might entail writing here and there about this and that, but all this is working towards that balance and I won’t fight it. So in short, expect some changes, but they will be gradual.

You cannot escape change

You cannot escape change

[Changes ~ 3 Doors Down]

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2 Responses to Changes

  1. woolie says:

    Excellent Savvy! This is a good and informative post. I had no clue why the government had suddenly decided to go digital. The guys at my local pub will tell you that it is just another way for the authorities to spy on us in our own living rooms 🙂 So it is a global trend?

    Will the TV channels still be free to watch or will we all have to pay a subscription now


    • savvykenya says:

      Yes, it’s a global trend. The guys who set broadcast standards world over (will get their exact title) have said we MUST switch by 2015.

      There will be free to air channels but you will need the set top box to ‘digitize’ your TV, which you buy once.

      There are also paid subscriptions for those who want more, e.g. StarTimes, GoTV and DSTv/Zuku


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