Bella, my First Car

Meet Bella, my new Toyota Passo. Finally, I can mark this as an achieved goal of the year 2013!

IMG 20131016 WA0003 Bella, my First Car

Bella, my first car

I have the habit of naming my gadgets. From my phone, to laptop (guess these are my only toys for now).

Bella is just appropriate for this car, she’s small and pretty. Together, we’ll go places

The intention to buy a car and the actual action can be years apart. But when finally everything came together, it was just the right moment for me to get one, especially since I now have a baby so it’s a more convenient way to travel with him. With public transport, it is just too hectic; the baby requires lots of luggage even if it’s for a short journey: his basic bag with diapers, change of clothes, wipes, shawl etc, his food bag with the thermos of milk, water, food (now that he’s eating), his car seat (ha ha which matatu will allow you with that on board?), his walker (if you have one), his carrier and many other necessary and unnecessary things.

Did I mention he’s already 6 months? Yep, time flies.


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