Deadline for Switching to Digital TV set to December 13th in Nairobi

If you live in Nairobi, you should be aware that the Digital Kenya Secretariat under CCK has kick-started the Digital TV Migration campaign. The deadline for switching off the analog TV signals is 13th December in Nairobi and its environs. The rest of the country shall follow and by 30th June 2014 the whole of Kenya will be only be viewing digital TV.

digitalTV2 Deadline for Switching to Digital TV set to December 13th in NairobiWelcome to Digital TV

Whether you are ready or not, whether you understand what digital TV is or not, the migration from analog TV to digital will eventually happen. The global deadline is in 2015 but Kenya will switch off the signals a year earlier (by June 2014). I suspect that, because of the notorious Kenyan timing, CCK is trying to ensure that we will actually beat the deadline otherwise we will be lamenting come 2015.

Here is a post that I did in 2011, trying to demystify digital TV.

How to Convert Your TV to Digital

So how do you make your current TV receive digital signals? You need a digital decoder (set top box) that will convert the digital signals into analog so you can watch your TV. The average cost of the decoder is Ksh 5,000.

For a list of approved set top boxes, check out the list on the Digital Migration website.

There are two types of decoders: (1) free-to-air decoders that you buy once and watch only free-to-air channels. There is no monthly payment fee.

(2) pay-TV set boxes such as GoTV and Star Times. These have attract monthly subscription fees depending on the number of channels you are subscribing to.

If you already have satellite or cable TV such as Supersport or Zuku, then you are already a digital TV consumer. These attract higher initial installation charges and monthly subscriptions.

So exactly what are the benefits of digital TV? Well, we that is a topic we shall review next week.

Watch this space for more on Digital TV.

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