The Nokia Lumia 1020 Launched in Kenya

A Windows 8 Nokia Lumia phone that stands out for its revolutionary camera of 41 Megapixes, the 1020 is a beauty to behold.

nokia lumia 1020 The Nokia Lumia 1020 Launched in Kenya

The Nokia Lumia 1020

The phone was officially launched in the market on Thursday last week (31st Oct) at a colourful ceremony on top of KICC (the helipad). I’d never been up there and the view was breathtaking. Looking down on the city of lights, Nairobi was ethereal, it’s a city that you fall in love with. You know that in its alleys danger lurks, but from up here all you see is beauty, and all you feel is the wind blowing through your hair.

Here and there, I could see several invited guests (of the launch) taking pictures with their phones but I can tell you that no picture can come close to capturing the actual view from the helipad! If you are a Nairobian, make sure you go up there at least once in your lifetime.

Here’s a picture I took with the Nokia Lumia 1020:

WP 20130329 009 1024x576 The Nokia Lumia 1020 Launched in Kenya

A view of Nairobi at night from KICC rooftop. Picture taken by a Nokia Lumia 1020

This is a device that excels at being both a phone and a camera. The quality of the photographs is amazing. It is currently retailing at Safaricom shops at Ksh. 79, 999 including 1.5GB data and a special accessory bundle including the DC18 charger (wireless charging pad) and a Mozo leather cover.

Safaricom has announced other deals across the Nokia Lumia range:

  • Nokia Lumia 925 at KES 53,999 with 1.5GB and 500 airtime
  • Nokia Lumia 625 at KES 28,999 with 500 MB and 250 airtime
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