What 10x Optical Zoom Means

Okay, so Samsung’s Galaxy #S4ZoomKe took the road trip to Sibiloi to capture epic photos of the eclipse. Photos like this one (below) that have more than told of the beauty and splendor of Kenya (read story here).

1798 2 1024x180 What 10x Optical Zoom Means

Sibiloi. Click on the picture for a larger image

So while many of these are beautiful photos, there is one fascinating feature about the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera that is unique to the device, and one that we had to check out, upon our return to the city.

But first allow me to state that Sibiloi was awesome, the sandstorm (hope you heard of it) massive and the eclipse, well, epic.

Okay, lets zoom right into the flesh of this article. 10X Zoom!

The Galaxy S4 Zoom Camera is aptly named so for it is the only camera phone that comes equipped with 10X zoom!

So how does the 10X optical zoom help? First, you get to capture your photos close-up or from far away and still ensure that you get the best quality shots.

Imagine if you were working at iHub or better still Nailab and while at work you get wind that Samsung is advertising on the biggest and most prime location in the CBD, the KICC rooftop.

KICC 1024x650 What 10x Optical Zoom Means

KICC Rooftop

You casually walk out of your office and attempt to focus through the (quickly reducing) canopy of trees to see if you can spot the advert some 5 kilometers away. If your eyesight is as excellent as mine, then you will quickly discover that attempting to spot an advert 5kms away is nearly the same level of insanity that would drive a scientist to document the evidence of life on Mars using a binoculars! So you figure that technology may be a useful aid. You pull out your phone (make and model used here withheld) and decide to take an photo.

The results are close to annoying.

Zoomed Out

Photo0028 What 10x Optical Zoom Means

Zoomed out with an ordinary camera

Zoomed In

Photo00292 What 10x Optical Zoom Means

Zoomed out with an ordinary camera #blurry

10x Optical Zoom

With Samsung Galaxy Zoom’s 10X optical zoom, the results are no less than amazing. Remember the roof-top advert posted above? Well this is how we zoomed in and took that photo 5km away!

KICC Zoomed Out 1024x576 What 10x Optical Zoom Means

KICC Zoomed Out with S4-Zoom


This blogpost was a guest article by Anthony Mugendi, the guy behind @kenya_tweets! Mugendi is a developer with a passion for big data which led him to start tracking social media via Kenya Tweets. After its success his world changed completely and he is now attempting to become a small time blogger and document the deep romance he has enjoyed with code and data.

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