I got some interesting responses on this post yesterday.Nation Hela together with this blog are on a mission to give two lucky winners a card, each loaded with Ksh. 2,000.

So yesterday I asked readers to tell me what situation they have ever been in that they wished they had a Nation Hela Card. Here’s my winning comment:

The winning comment by one Freddy

The winning comment by one Freddy

The reason I gave Freddy the card is because of the innovative way to use a Nation Hela card. Did you know that you can withdraw money from your Paypal account to your Nation Hela account? (Update: they have temporarily stopped the service and will let you know once it up)

Congratulations Freddy and do contact me on savvy.kenya[at] to arrange for your card collection. Thanks to the rest of the “commenters” for participating!

Now, the rest of you guys reading this still have the chance to win the second card. Here is the second challenge:

Where can one acquire a Nation Hela card and for how much?

The first correct entry wins! [Disclaimer: relatives and friends can’t win]

You have 24 hours. The second winner will be announced tomorrow, Thursday 28th, 5.00pm.

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  1. daniel makau says:

    one can acquire National Hela at DTB bank and Nakummart supermarkets only at 500 shillings


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