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The most popular way of international money transfer, in my opinion, is Western Union. However it has its challenges, chief among them the need to go queue at a bank counter or Western Union branch somewhere in order to receive … Continue reading

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Why Digital TV?

Some people may be wondering why all this hullabaloo over digital TV and why do we have to migrate? Here are the reasons why: The world is progressing. We are moving forward with wireless technology, but the frequency band that … Continue reading

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What 10x Optical Zoom Means

Okay, so Samsung’s Galaxy #S4ZoomKe took the road trip to Sibiloi to capture epic photos of the eclipse. Photos like this one (below) that have more than told of the beauty and splendor of Kenya (read story here). Sibiloi. Click … Continue reading

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Are You Digital?

This tune is stuck in my head “Tumetoka analog tuko digital, tumetoka analog tuko digital, tuko digital, tuko digital”. Watch it below:

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List of CCK Approved Set-Top-Box Vendors

With the digital TV migration deadline looming for Nairobi and its environs (December 13th), here is a list of set top box vendors (decoders) and the average prices, as well contact information of the vendors. They are so many it wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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The Nokia Lumia 1020 Launched in Kenya

A Windows 8 Nokia Lumia phone that stands out for its revolutionary camera of 41 Megapixes, the 1020 is a beauty to behold. The Nokia Lumia 1020 The phone was officially launched in the market on Thursday last week (31st … Continue reading

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