The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

There have been a number of smart watch prototypes – I am calling them prototypes because none of them have made it to the mass market – and so the Galaxy Gear is the first wearable smart watch. You can see more wearables here. It has a sizable, responsive and functional screen; a 2MP camera you can use for discreet photos/filming (makes me feel like a spy  ), a speaker and microphone for making phone calls, a sexy design that makes people notice your it (and you) and the overall cool factor when showing its functionality to friends, colleagues and family alike.

galaxygear The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

Veeery close, don’t you think?

So it connects to your phone via bluetooth meaning you have to be in the range of 25 meters to use it for making calls, and receiving notifications etc. At the moment, it can only connect with The Galaxy Note 3 (which I will review in a later post)although some other phones may work as well.

Standalone Gadget

However, after the initial pairing, it can be used as a stand-alone gadget to:

    • display time (but of course) and weather forecast picked earlier from the AccWeather app on the phone.meGear The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

      My Gear

      Weather Forecast for the week:

      meGear2 The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

      The gear with the weather update

    • Take some Spy Photos!The camera on the Gear has 2MP enabling you to take some decent photos. Like this one I took of the CBA Building in Upperhill. Sorry about the awkward angle, I am no photographer!

      CBA The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

      Photo taken by the Gear

    • Contacts, Logs, NotificationsImagine your phone is out of power and you need to make a call with a borrowed phone but you don’t know your contact off head? The Gear’s battery lasts up to 4 days. Your contacts are basically backed up on the watch.

      The notifications and logs are also stored in the watch so you can check them from there. However, only messages can be read on the device.

The Cool Stuff

    • When the screen is off, flick your wrist for it to light up and show the time
    • Media Controller: basically a remote for your music so if your phone is in your pocket and you want to skip a song, just do it on the watch..
    • Find my device – if you have misplaced your Note III and you need to find it, using this function you can easily find your phone. It turns up the volume to max and plays the Samsung song. There is also a ‘Find My Gear’ phone on the for finding the gear
    • S VoiceBasically, S-Voice is your intelligent assistant. Tell it to do anything, call, text, memo, calendar entry, search, navigate etc. Your phone internet has to be on, as S-Voice has to interpret your commands from its nerve center somewhere in the cloud.
    • 4 GB internal memory: snap those pics away, you have enough space to store them


    • I use it to answer phone calls when driving really slowly (traffic). 
    • In meetings, I can check my notifications: twitter, email, text messages. However, I can only read messages, for the rest of the notifications you can only see on the phone. 
    • For fitness enthusiasts, the Pedometer is an awesome app. 

The Future

Galaxy Gear 008 Set1 Side Six1 1024x601 The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

The Galaxy Gear colours

  • It has an adjustable strap so it can fit most wrists. However, it sits a little heavy on the wrist (like most expensive manly watches) so when typing I have to remove it. I can’t wait for a more lady-like design and this being the ‘premier’ mass device, the next iteration can only get better.
  • Only text messages can be read, would love to read emails, tweets. This will be in Gear 2 I know
  • Only limited apps can be installed on the device, would love for the range of apps to widen. Would love to play games in boring gatherings where a phone would be rude
  • It is only compatible with the Galaxy Note III at the moment. I know they will make other versions that will be compatible with other Android phones.


This smart watch should cost you about Ksh. 25,000. On the higher side? yes, but if you can afford a Note III, this is the perfect complimentary gadget

For a more detailed review, check out this one by Trusted Reviews.

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2 Responses to The Galaxy Gear: First Wearable Smart Watch

  1. xscapemichaeljacksonfreealbum says:

    wow these samsung watches look amazing , they are sure to grow in to something way bigger than they are now.awesome.


  2. zohaib Mohammed says:

    If you want to buy Casio Watches in Kenya


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