Why You Should Switch to GoTv

For Nairobi residents, the government deadline to switch from analog to digital TV is December 13th. I don’t think many (residents) are aware, and for those in the know, they hoping that the court will post pone the deadline yet again. The hearing for the case starts on December 6th (tomorrow) so I will keep my ears and eyes open on how it all goes.

Which is the Best Digital TV Provider?

In terms of channel offering, DSTv has everything. Movies, music, sports, documentaries, cartoons etc. But it is costly to the average Kenyan.

Which why Multichoice introduced GoTv. Offering all (major) local channels (KBC, K24, NTv, KTN, Citizen TV), some Supersport select channels, and a reasonable host of other digital channels, installation and monthly subscriptions are affordable. In total, there are 35 channels on offer.



Here are the two plans for GoTv:

  1. PayTv: The cost for the first installment is KSh 3,399/- which includes a decoder and 2 months GOtv Plus subscription. After that you can choose to continue with GoTv Plus for Ksh. 849 per month or just GoTv for Ksh. 599 a month
  2. GoTv Open: The cost for the first instalment is Sh3,399/- which includes a decoder and 2 months GOtv Plus subscription. The second instalment of Sh2,600/- is due at the end of the 2 months for those not able to continue with pay TV. No more monthly payments

To view the full list of channels available on those two plans (pay TV and Free TV), check out the listing on their website.

With GoTv, you don’t need a satellite dish, your ordinary aerial will do. What you need is just the decoder and you are ready to go.

The average cost of a digital decoder (or set top box as they are commonly referred to) is Ksh. 5,000 so the GoTv offer of Ksh. 3,999 is not a bad deal. Further, GoTv has teamed up with K24 to offer viewers 3 decoders every day so tune in to K24 and hopefully it could be your lucky day.

Physical Location
You can get GoTv agents at the following locations:

Located on Westlands off Karuna Road.

Located on Langata/Mbagathi Road, at T-Mall Ground Floor, next to Tusky’s Supermarket.

GreenSpan Mall 
Located at Donholm, next to Tusky’s Supermarket.

Self-Services Tel: +254 711 066 555, +254 204 236 555
Email: kenya@gotv.co.za

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2 Responses to Why You Should Switch to GoTv

  1. Justme says:

    You cannot be serious about recommending GOtv.

    GOtv appears to be the biggest scam in Kenya. I bought a
    GOtv decoder (number 2014258654) from Nakumatt last weekend and it has never
    worked. I have tried tuning it, resetting it, upgrading the software,
    everything you can think of, but I keep getting Error 017 and Error 066 on
    every channel except KBC (which I already had before I bought your
    non-functioning decoder) and the GOtv channel.

    I have sent several emails to kenya@gotv.co.za to resolve the problem and
    each comes back with lame instructions about how I should retune, or reset the
    decoder, EVEN after I have clearly said I already tried that. I gave my number
    for a call back (since your own numbers do not work) each time, but do you
    think anyone at GOtv has ever bothered to call back?

    I have tried calling the helpdesk numbers given over 20
    times, but they either do not function or only offer the automated options to
    reset or activate my specific IUC number – which of course I have already tried
    several times over with no success.

    I have logged online to reset or activate my account. I am
    repeatedly told my account is already active, but the error messages have not
    changed one bit. I have logged onto eazy.gotvafrica.com where I am promised all
    error messages can be cleared, but guess what – Error 017 and Error 066 are not
    available in the options to clear.

    I have tried to reset and/or activate by SMS to 22688 well
    over a dozen times, and each time it is the same result: I get a response
    saying “Reauth for device device number 2014258654 has been received” and upon
    activating another message saying it is already active over and over again. The
    error messages 017 and 066 have not changed.

    I sent a tweet complaining. It was ignored. If I had a
    facebook account I would have complained there as well, but I don’t and I am
    pretty certain if I did, it would not have helped.

    Congratulations for creating one of the most effective scams
    I have seen in modern history. You have outdone the best scammers I have ever
    heard of!


    • savvykenya says:

      I am sorry about your horrible customer experience, will forward this to the GoTv contact that I have.

      The reason I recommended is if you see the channels on offer vs its competitor ie Star Times, GoTv seems to have better channels. The least they can do is replace your decoder, if they can’t resolve the issue with the current one.


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