If you have read any of my previous posts about Nation Hela, you will understand that it’s not just about a card for sending or receiving money conveniently to and from anywhere in the world; it has an online money platform that enables to carry out various online transactions and USSD option for mobile transactions from your phone.

 Nation Hela   More Than Just a CardNation Hela card

USSD Options

If you are a registered card holder of Nation Hela, then you can access the USSD menu by dialing *348#, enter your PIN and you can access the options below:


 Nation Hela   More Than Just a CardUSSD Nation Hela Menu. Image from



For paying bills, these are the accounts you can pay bills to:

 Nation Hela   More Than Just a CardPaying bills through nation hela mobile. Image from

Online Platform
Once you are logged into the Nation Hela website, you can:

  • Send money to a Nation Hela card holder or to a holder’s bank account
  • Make online payments with your Nation Hela Visa card number

Sign up at your nearest DTB Bank or Nation Hela agents at selected Nakumatt supermarkets.

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