Accepting and Moving On

Dear readers,

I must apologize for the blog going doing for almost 4 days this week.  The same thing happened last year although downtime then lasted for a week!

After a lot of back and forth, chatting, emails, phone calls and credit card payments, I now have full control of my domain and that is the most important thing.

Let us pretend that there was a time lapse and my posts from September last year to February 2014 never existed. Hopefully I will soon get them back. I have back all my posts since December 2010 when I first blogged here, sans the media (images/videos). WordPress backup fail? I don’t know.. but backup is important, I should have a weekly schedule, lesson learned.

I promise you this will not happen again, dear reader. I am urging you and I, urging us, to move forward. Posts from now onwards are going to have images, as usual. I am still tweaking my blog so the settings, plugins, appearance, widgets etc look like they were before and it will take some time. Please bear with me.

In the meantime, the posts will keep coming, two or three a week, as usual. Let us accept that somethings bad things happen, and we need to move on.

Accept and move on..

Accept and move on..

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2 Responses to Accepting and Moving On

  1. woolie says:

    Hey Savvy – Its good to hear that you have sorted out your domain. You are now on your way to getting your ship back on an even keel and we can once again take wonderful voyages to far away and exotic lands. A picture tells a story in a unique way (lunch with Colo and Wangari?)

    Perhaps you may recall a post that I did when I had my own issues with databases and other such-like technical stuff. How I imagined that my blog was gone forever and how I went outside and wept like a baby. Backup again and again and again and then Backup some more. That is the secret to staying sane. 🙂


    • savvykenya says:

      Thanks Woolie.. when I think back to the 3 years of blogging here (this is the 4th I’m starting), I shudder to think what would have been lost. I was able to recover my posts -sans the pics – up to last year September.

      Looking forward to more years of blogging.


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