Introducing…. The Flying Car!

Considering the bad state of our roads, I think the Nairobi governor Evans Kidero can be more futuristic (and having a twitter handle is not ‘modern’, twitter was started 7 years ago!). Instead of investing money in roads whose maintenance we can’t seem to afford, let’s forget roads altogether and invest in making sure flying cars take off the ground.

No, it’s not a future dream. Google has built driver-less cars. Planes have been flying for centuries. So what is to stop us from making a flying car? No technology isn’t the limit, but cost is.

I was reading the BBC’s Future articles when I stumbled on the one about flying cars. Part drone, part car. And it doesn’t look too far off when you think about it. No more traffic, no more putting up with bad roads.  The flying car is being researched by Cummings, an Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronauticsand Engineering Systems at MIT. And there are other players trying to create a flying car, like MIX Aerospace.


An MIX illustration of a flying car

An MIX illustration of a flying car

A flying car will be the solution to our road problems in Africa, although tyre manufacturers will not be too happy about this. Seeing as they love marketing African roads with their ads.

I hope the flying car becomes a reality in my lifetime.



Speaking of BBC-featured future machines, I don’t care too much for the jetpack though, it looked rather bulky and cumbersome. I’d prefer the iron suit Tony Stark wears in Iron Man. I hope the jetpack design can finally come down to this!

iron man suit

Iron Man Suit

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4 Responses to Introducing…. The Flying Car!

  1. Mackel9 says:

    From the Flintstones to the Jeffersons in our lifetime? How exciting…


  2. woolie says:

    Wow the future looks so nice…I expect that for a while there will be a two tier system. Only rich people will have flying cars. The rest of us will continue kujitetea tukiwa hapa hapa chini.


    • savvykenya says:

      Oh Woolie, you’re right! The rest of us might still be huku chini… now I guess I need to add “to be super rich” to my life’s goals if I am to drive this car. Or I work in research. Then I get to test drive them.


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