Online Shopping: Success Stories

As much as I blogged about being careful when doing online shopping, it’s a convenience I cannot do without. I don’t have time to physically browse through shops for electronics, clothes or books. I’d rather shop online at my desk, take in the wide variety, compare options easily, then swoop in for the kill sale.. And not just shopping, online banking, investing, booking of tickets, checking in etc.

Some websites are fully integrated, you buy and pay for the goods using a credit/debit card. But some like OLX are like a market place, just bringing together the buyer and seller, and how you exchange payment is up to you. However, I recommend cash/M-Pesa.

Anyway, sometime ago, I was on the website browsing for laptops. My brother lost his and as a good big sister, I offered to buy him one. So the minimum specifications we were looking for are:

  • 4GB of RAM
  • Core i3 Processor (FIFA 2013 can only play on Core i3 and 4GB RAM minimum)
  • 250GB of memory (for movies and series)
  • Good battery Life (at least 5 hours)
  • Bluetooth, Webcam, and other basics

First, we tried sites such as jumia and others that sell electronics, but the price was a bit higher than our 35-40K budget (and you can’t bargain on these sites). So finally, we checked out OLX and most of the laptops we could find were not new, which affected the battery life and warranty.

We finally found a shop listed at CBD and called the owner and set a date to visit the shop. We got a Lenovo laptop that was virtually new with the minimum specifications (and more memory, it had a hard disk of 500GB) for 36K. (Say we’d get a similar one for 54K on jumia). We then decided to check out some computer shops in town to compare prices and the minimum we got was 45K. So we went back and took the Lenovo.

The reason why I trusted the guys is they ran a computer shop with a verifiable address. We met at the shop and it seemed legit. We tested the laptop, they installed Office and some other programs for us, and off we went.

So yeah, there are many success stories online, especially for buying. For selling, it’s been hard to find a platform but at least OLX seems to have enough buyers to ensure your item sells so try them out.

Just remember to keep an eye out for frauds.


A fellow blogger too, talks about his online shopping experiences. Check it out.

Shopping on olx

Shopping on olx

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10 Responses to Online Shopping: Success Stories

  1. woolie says:

    Hey Savvy you are looking at the future here. The days of heading off straight to the shops and walking miles trying to find stuff are gone. We all want to browse, compare goods, services and prices before finally making our purchases. What we need now is a kind of rating system for the various online market places that are springing up. A place where users can give their honest opinions and reviews. This is one way to keep our online stores and traders clean.

    Has anyone here had any experiences buying or selling on the auction site [bid dot co dot ke]?


    • savvykenya says:

      You’re right, we need a platform for rating online markets and for honest feedback (you should copyright the idea, I will develop the website!).

      I haven’t used but there is also another one:

      OLX is spending lots of money marketing so it’s easier to get feedback since many people are using it. Let me ask around if anyone has used and will let you know!


      • savvykenya says:

        It seems is down Woolie. I wouldn’t trust a site that’s down :/


      • woolie says:

        Very sorry, my bad. The site is [bidorbuydotcodotke] sorry for any inconvenience.


      • savvykenya says:

        It’s alright. Checking it out right now. Might even make use of it and give you feedback.


      • woolie says:

        Hey Savvy – any joy at bidorbuy? About the other matter referred to above (rating) I think you have a good idea there..(.see your twitter DM)


  2. Mackel9 says:

    Notice how you you don’t have to go on shopping sprees in Dubai or Turkey or know someone on the other end? With a click of a button you get what some years back was open to a few individual, we even got a cold call from SBT japan selling cars, I mean you can buy cars online (I am not sure I would be willing to put my trust with such amounts of money to buy a car on someone on the other side of the planet regardless of the honor system in Japan, pay on delivery would work for such like in Jumia)…


    • savvykenya says:

      People actually buy cars online from Japan.. the only problem is clearing with KRA once the car lands at the Mombasa port, you need a trustworthy clearing agent.

      True, now with access to the internet, the whole world is open to us.


  3. says:

    And, for all online shoe purchase…we are the best 🙂


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