What I Learned From the OLX BAKE Experience

This past Tuesday evening, OLX was invited to interact with bloggers at Nailab, from 6pm. I hope you received the invite, otherwise send a message to BAKE to be added to the mailing list for (awesome) events.

OLX Sell It

OLX Sell It

Unused Goods at Home

So the OLX Kenya country manager, Peter Ndiang’ui and the Marketing Manager Priscilla Muhiu spoke about their experiences running OLX and one thing they asked was: How many times do you rush to borrow money when you are broke, while you have tons of stuff you don’t use that you could put up for sale online? 

They presented the results from a survey carried out by Nielsen Kenya and presented in April, 2014.  Kenyans could be having as much as 158B shillings in their homes in form of unused goods in their homes. The survey did not include the Western and North Eastern Regions. Nairobi region takes the lead in unused goods worth 69B shillings followed closely by Eastern and Central with 26B and 22B respectively.

So the next time you are thinking of borrowing  money, think of how much stuff you don’t use that you could easily sell on OLX.

On Frauds

OLX Kenya closely works with the CID (Criminal Investigations Department) to report and arrest criminals who could be using their site to buy/sell illegal stuff. OLX uses algorithms to flag any suspect deals, and report these to the CID. They also blacklist these dealers, who could later resurface using different email address. So OLX is planning to use phone number authentication, because it’s a little bit harder to obtain a SIM card now that you have to register each new SIM with details of your name and ID, location etc.

For reporting of suspect ads, OLX currently uses a form which takes long to fill. They will introduce a “Report ad” button, and if there are too many people reporting a certain ad, it will flagged for faster investigation.

On How OLX Makes Money

OLX believes in increasing the database of sellers first. They want to grow the numbers and are focused more on individual sellers with better deals, as opposed to commercial listings. When will they start to charge for listings? Not soon. So take advantage of this time to sell all that stuff pending in your house. Be it art, electronics, toys.. and buyers please use this site to compare prices and look for deals. There are some genuine deals out there.

Remember to be always careful when shopping online.


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3 Responses to What I Learned From the OLX BAKE Experience

  1. princelySid says:

    This is awesome I would have loved to attend but I heard about it late:(


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