OLX: Beyond Buying and Selling

Like I posted last week, most people do not think that they have things worth selling, which is not true at all.  A survey concluded that Kenyans, particularly Nairobians, have tons of stuff lying unused in their homes (about 69 Billion shillings), which they could easily turn into cash.

Anyway, beyond buying and selling, the  olx site now has a database of information that one can use for:

  • Pricing on items. If you are selling/buying something, even offline, be sure you check olx first to figure out the competitive prices of some of the items on offer
  • Business Ideas: stuck up on ideas on what to sell that has a market? See what others are selling, olx can give you a window into the retail business world. Some entrepreneurial guys are selling rabbit urine.  No kidding. (I think it’s used as a fertilizer). So if you have been wondering where to deposit your rabbits’ urine, why not sell it? Everything sells on olx!

    Rabbit urine on sale on OLX

    Rabbit urine on sale on OLX

  • Job Listings: There are a number of job listings posted, and it seems an easier process since you don’t have to register, upload your CV etc. Just call the employer directly.
  • Learning: sign up for classes, or offer classes to boost your income if you are good at something. Share you knowledge, or learn something new. Dance classes, music, computer knowledge etc
  • Community: there is also an interesting category called community for car pooling services, events, volunteers, lost and found etc.

What do you use olx for?

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