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Using Sendy

This post was first published on the Sendy Blog It’s one thing to write about an app after learning about it, it’s another to actually use the app and experience it for yourself. After learning about Sendy, I downloaded it from … Continue reading

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Everything Sells? Why Not Find Out

There are many odd things on sale on olx Kenya. Not in the least, rabbit urine. As more and more people get online looking for deals, the market expands for the seller. There should be no limit to what anyone … Continue reading

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Safari Tales, The Kids App We’ve Been Waiting For

If you’ve been looking for a kids app that tells traditional folk stories in English, Kiswahili and other African languages, then Safari Tales is what you need. The application is free to download from Google Play. The application has: Folk … Continue reading

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The Langani Trilogy: A Durable Fire / In Borrowed Light

Barbara and Stephanie Keating introduced us to unforgettable characters in the first book of the Langani trilogy, Blood Sisters. (Read the review here). Central to the tale are Sarah, Camilla and Hannah, the three friends who are now blood sisters … Continue reading

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Star Times Reduces Prices of Decoders

The digital migration hullabaloo  died down, thanks to several parties and court cases; none of which had the interests of the end consumer at heart (like anyone ever does). Anyway, you don’t have to wait for the migration order by the government … Continue reading

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Guys, It is Time to Let Go

What makes a classifieds website work, such as olx, is the depth of content and information available. It is the number of items and listing that they have on their website. And they depend on the public to put up those … Continue reading

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Bitcoin, the Virtual Currency, Explained

First, what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that exists only in the digital sense – in your mobile phone, or computer (digital wallet). There is no bitcoin hard currency like notes or coins. It is secured using cryptography (public-key encryption) … Continue reading

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