Star Times Reduces Prices of Decoders

The digital migration hullabaloo  died down, thanks to several parties and court cases; none of which had the interests of the end consumer at heart (like anyone ever does).

Anyway, you don’t have to wait for the migration order by the government to switch to digital TV. Lots of Kenyans have subscribed to providers of digital TV such as Supersport, Zuku, GoTv and Star Times.

star times logo

star times logo

Star Times are trying to gain numbers in the market and have reduced the cost of their decoders, they are now the lowest in the market. The new prices are below:

  • The  Pay TV is now Ksh 1,999 from 2,999 (with monthly payments ranging from 500Ksh)
  • The Free-to-Air box for a one-time price of Ksh. 4,499 from 4,999

If anything, you can purchase the set top box to view free to air channels (ie NTV, K24, KTN, KBC etc) clearly. The only strong signal in our area is K24 and I wonder if it’s a conspiracy. I have the pay TV Star Times decoder, but the last time we renewd the subscription, my brothers messed up with it and now it no longer works.

Have you used Star Times, what is your experience?

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4 Responses to Star Times Reduces Prices of Decoders

  1. princelySid says:

    Startimes is good but some times you get pauses especially in really crowded places like Umoja


    • savvykenya says:

      You live in Umoja now? Thanks for the feedback!


      • princelySid says:

        Actually I’m in Kariokor now, but there’s no TV there. My mum was living in Umoja with my aunt and was having issues. Also when we were in Langata a couple of years ago it was also spotty especially if you made the mistake of moving the aerial.


      • savvykenya says:

        Yeah they should work on improving their signal strength.


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