Everything Sells? Why Not Find Out

There are many odd things on sale on olx Kenya. Not in the least, rabbit urine. As more and more people get online looking for deals, the market expands for the seller. There should be no limit to what anyone can buy/sell online (within legal limits!)

airport for sale

Haha, someone was once trying to sell an aiport. Image from http://www.trending.co.ke/vip_lounge_burnt_down_and_othe-219513221.html

So do you have something you never thought could sell online, that probably couldn’t find a ‘category’? – although I think there is a “Miscellaneous” category.

Anyway, random stuff that you can sell include:

  • Kids’ uniforms that your kids only wore for a few days/months
  • Unused gifts from Christmas/Valentines/other gift-giving seasons
  • I typed “sisters” and got 3 results.. no one trying to sell their sisters, the results were a cleaning crew and a “Sister’s Estate”
  • Another random word “little” and got 137 or so results. Basically anything you type you will get a result.
  • Books that you’ve outgrown
  • Quails and all sorts of animals

What miscellaneous stuff would you like to sell? Put it up and it will probably sell. And if you’re thinking of buying anything, check the deals/prices on olx first.

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3 Responses to Everything Sells? Why Not Find Out

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  3. Capt. Matata Nyakeya says:

    I want to sell rabbit urine!


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