Hands on with TumaPesa –The MPESA companion

Guest post by  James Wahome.

Once in a while, I might get a request to write about an app, a website,  a phone review.. so I will use the service/app/website/phone etc and write my experience. But in this case, I wasn’t in a position to use Mpesa, seeing as I am halfway across the world in a country with no roaming.

So I asked the requester to do a post and here we are. Hope you will use this app to make your transactions smoother and error free. No one wants to send money to the wrong number! This is also efficient for Paybill Numbers, imagine having to memorize all paybills, and which KPLC number is for pre or post paid.

The Tuma Pesa App:

tuma pesa

tuma pesa

It’s happened to every MPESA user, you urgently need to send money to someone but you don’t have the number off head, just in your Address book, So you end up navigating to your Phonebook, copying the number, navigating back to your app drawer launching the SIM Tool Kit and pasting the number when prompted.

But that’s too much work and often we simply tempt fate and end up sending money to the wrong Number. What about PayBill Numbers and their respective accounts? Well that’s even worse, you copy the PayBill name and account somewhere on a piece of paper maybe and you key them in one by one into MPESA when prompted. You manually have to keep track of all the PayBill numbers and accounts so you can refer to them when you want to use them.

What if you didn’t have to do all that, What if it was as easy and convenient for you as downloading an app that takes care of all you Numbers, PayBills and Accounts? Well, that is what TumaPesa is all about. To use TumaPesa simply download from google play store or click on the following link [TumaPesa Mpesa Companion].

How does it work? Easy, let me walk you through the 3 key features that make TumaPesa revolutionary. Upon install you get a slide introduction of how to use the app. It highlights the key features of the app and directions of use as explained below.

1. TumaPesa loads all your contacts and formats them for you in a nice intuitive list that can be searched by name or number. All the contacts are pulled from both Sim Card and Phone Memory.

Say I want to send cash to Savvy Kenya, well I simply search for her name, click on it and the SIM Tool Kit is opened. In addition to this her Number is copied to the clip board and a pop up of her details appears on the top right corner with her Name and Number. You can transact safely and securely without the fear of sending money to the wrong number.

In the app you search for a contact

In the app you search for a contact

Select the contact and it is loaded to the SIM toolkit

Select the contact and it is loaded to the SIM toolkit

  1. For contacts you send money frequently you have the option of saving them by long pressing on a contact name and they automatically get stored in the Favorites Tab and a star appears next to them indicating they are now in favorites.
Favoriting contacts

Favoriting contacts

  1. For PayBill numbers and accounts you can save a list of them in the PayBill section of the app and use them whenever you need.
Adding paybill numbers

Saving paybill numbers

Saving paybill numbers

Saving paybill numbers

The App is currently only available for Android but an IOS version will be out in the next few weeks so watch out.

Please download the app and give feedback. There are always so many programmers out there willing to make your life easier, so appreciate the effort by downloading the app, it is free, after all!

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