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Getting a Japanese Driving License

My friend Umer, who is Pakistani, was pessimistic. “Why don’t you just wait until I get a car and then you can practice at night when there is no one on the roads? You are going to fail. Everybody fails, let … Continue reading

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Waiting for Sakura

For a short time in Japan during Spring, the cherry blossoms bloom and the streets are bathed in pink flowers. Sakura, it is called. Japan can be incredibly picturesque and now the trees are on the verge of flowering, so … Continue reading

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Movie Reviews: The Interview and The Memoirs of a Geisha

For the last few weeks, I did not feel like writing and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t muster enough will to actually do it. Was it a writer’s block? I don’t know.. Writer’s blocks are for actual writers … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Get Newborn Stuff From OLX

Two years ago this month, my son was born. I can’t believe it has been almost two years already; watching  a baby grow is the very definition of time flying. I remember being so excited as his expected date of … Continue reading

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