Yes, You Can Get Newborn Stuff From OLX

Two years ago this month, my son was born. I can’t believe it has been almost two years already; watching  a baby grow is the very definition of time flying. I remember being so excited as his expected date of birth grew closer and closer, and I made a mistake a lot of first time mothers make, buying a lot of unnecessary stuff and lots of brand new clothes.

Cute newly born baby

Cute newly born baby

I was working at the time (up to the 39th week!) and so I didn’t have time to go to Toy Market or Gikomba or wherever people go to buy baby clothes at a bargain, so I bought my clothes online from (for some reason, they have closed shop?). They were brand new so a little expensive. In my excitement, I bought a lot of size zero clothes (newborn clothes), and he outgrew them in a week! Forget a month, literally one week. By the second week, we couldn’t squeeze him into size zero clothes.

Yes it is safe to buy second hand clothes for babies because the first baby would have barely worn them (given their growth rate), and all you have to do is wash (and bleaching is optional) the clothes, rinse them in a gentle fabric softener, dry, iron them and put them away in the baby bag/closet awaiting the arrival of the little one. Sigh, writing this brings back memories of J as an infant, I miss him so.

Anyway, no need to drag your pregnant self (and darling you do drag yourself along :D) to a crowded market to shop, do it online via a site like OLX.  A search for baby clothes on OLX reveals traders selling “mtumba camera” baby clothes for as low as Ksh. 100 each. “mtumba camera” means they are barely used, high quality clothes.

Baby clothes on OLX

Baby clothes on OLX

And baby clothes are not the only things you can buy on OLX, you can get everything that you do need from the website. Baby cot, baby basins/baths, bibs, toys, strollers, car seats, books (in my enthusiasm I remember also buying lots of books to read at bedtime for the baby, which I did all of twice in these 2 years) etc. Just make sure to not commit payment before you can see what you are buying, and arrange to meet the seller at a safe and public location.

Some of the things on sale on OLX are also brand new stuff, such as diapers and diaper bags. So go ahead, order anything and everything you need for your newborn from olx. Just type into the search box and the results could surprise you!

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2 Responses to Yes, You Can Get Newborn Stuff From OLX

  1. Modern Mom says:

    I think all moms make that same mistake. Lucky for me, my sister delivered five months after me. I gave her all the size zeros.


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