2018 Goals

We’re already 3 weeks into 2018, how did that happen!

I have really simple but all-time consuming goals for 2018. I’m listing them as 2018 goals but I have actually been working towards achieving some of them for many years, and some are lifetime goals. Some will come to fruition in 2018 but months and years have been spent in the making. So without further ado, *drumrolls please*, these are the 6 things I want to achieve in 2018.

1. Take care of J

This is obvious, right? I’m a mother, it’s what we do. Yes it is, but I just want to acknowledge that it is important work that I do. Teaching, feeding, clothing, cleaning, entertaining, loving, bathing and dressing, nursing, shaking loose teeth, comforting, doing laundry, buying toys and books, reading to.. you get the picture. At the end of 2018, I shall celebrate and toast to a healthy and happy Jeremy.

2. Write my thesis, defend it and graduate

3. Do Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N2 Level). Yes, N stands for Ninja 😀
I enjoy learning Japanese. I wish I had more time to immerse myself in the language.

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Just got these books today #JPLTN2 #頑張ります

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4. Go to Las Vegas
I know it sounds random but my final conference as a PhD student might be at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.
This scene in The Hangover remains one of the best scenes in that movie haha

5. Get a job
I’m about to hit the streets tarmacking. I really want to get into Machine Learning/AI/Big Data/IoT Application Research. Fingers crossed.

Gotta get ready for the interviews!

6. Take care of myself
Sometimes I have to remind myself to get a little exercise and some sleep.

Read 12 books. A book a month.

Here’s to 2018!

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