Summer in JAIST

I love early summer. So many sunny days. The chill in the air is gone. Everything is green and beautiful. The summer rains haven’t started. The unbearable heat and humidity that plagues us mid-summer is still a month away. I will enjoy these days that remind me of my childhood.

JAIST in winter

JAIST in winter. Photo by me. Again, no filters.


JAIST in Spring. No filter.



Summer in JAIST. So nice and green. No filter.

[Edited to add a pic of JAIST in Autumn (my favorite season), to complete the cycle of seasons]

JAIST in autumn. Photo by me. No filters.

JAIST in autumn. Photo by me. No filters.

Turns out this probably won’t be my last summer in Japan, yay! But it’s definitely my last in JAIST so I am going to make the most of it. Now that Jeremy is old enough to go cycling, we’ll go on long bike rides. We’ll go to the beach, and we’ll join friends for barbecues. We’ll have barbecues on the beach. We’ll swim in outdoor pools with slides. We’ll go to festivals and watch amazing firework displays. We’ll eat, drink, play, sleep, enjoy the sunshine. We’ll go hiking, I will go paragliding, finally (because Jeremy is too young for it). We’ll go to the park and I will sit in the shade reading a book while Jeremy clambers about, making new friends and enjoying his childhood. I will defend my thesis and then I will make preparations for my parents and bros to come over for my graduation. I will got Las Vegas in July for a conference and for the whatever-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas. I hope to meet Elon Musk there, for some reason.

We went biking last Saturday:



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