Nail Update: I’m Healed!

It has taken 5 months, but finally the broken nail I blogged about here has healed. Please read that post for the information on when it became broken (over 25 years ago), how it got broken (door slam), why it stayed broken (fungal infection), which doctor I went to (dermatologist) and which medicine I took (Itrizole) for the 6th and final month now. I’m just sharing the progress pictures in this post.

Before the meds, early June 2022

About three weeks later

3 weeks later. June 28, 2022
Two months later, July 23 2022
About 3 months later, August 16 2022
4 months later, September 14 2022
4.5 months later, September 26 2022
More than 5 months later, October 11

It’s a medical miracle! I’m so happy!


This is an update from the previous post about my friend with severe dental fluorosis who needed crowns. She wasn’t able to raise enough funds but luckily she was able to get a loan from her lab mates (she is a grad student in Japan) and traveled to a clinic Turkey where she was able to get snow white crowns and a beautiful smile. I’ve asked her to share her experience through a guest post and she is working on it right now. You’ll love to see it. So you better subscribe.

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2 Responses to Nail Update: I’m Healed!

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  2. EK13 says:

    Wow! It’s really amazing how things can literally change in an instant after years of ‘suffering’. Glad to see that this issue has been resolved and you are now healed. Thank you for sharing the progress with us.


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