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Dating a Japanese (not) Actor

This is post 3/21 of a 21 day blogging challenge. It is a continuation of this post, so I suggest you read it first. I was quick to recover from the disappointment of him not being the actor because here … Continue reading

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Dating a Japanese Actor

This is blog 2/21 of the 21 day blogging challenge. In November Vi, my friend from my undergraduate days in JKUAT, came to visit Japan. I took time off from work to show her around. To be honest, I also … Continue reading

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How Not to Wash Your Car in Japan

Let me tell you something about living in Japan: there is no dust. Whether you live in rural Japan or in the middle of Tokyo, every road surface is coated in tarmac, down to the smallest footpath in the remotest … Continue reading

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What Goes Through the Mind of a 26 Year Old Woman?

I composed this blog post in my head while I sat in traffic, contemplating my life. The radio was tuned into 1FM, it’s the only radio station that has a clear reception, since I am still using the Japanese frequencies … Continue reading

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Held Up in Traffic

 If you’ve ever been robbed at gunpoint, you know what it’s like, how they steal your money, your property, and your dignity. – from Wiki It was a pleasant Thursday evening, around 5pm. I had just left work at Upperhill, walked … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, Terms and Conditions for IT Advice

Disclaimer: Believe at your own risk, but I am seriously considering these guidelines that I came up with myself. As a techie, I sometimes get asked for advice by my friends, ranging from computers, internet, phones. I decided that I … Continue reading

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Here and There: A Picture Story

Hint: click on the photos to open a bigger and clearer version. All these were taken through my trusted and much loved Ideos phone. I get around in Nairobi much, mostly running errands on behalf of parents, brothers, cousins etc. … Continue reading

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