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Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Child (Foreign Unmarried Mother)

Did you know that it’s very easy for your child to become stateless? It used to be that if a non-Japanese woman gave birth in Japan, if they were not married to a Japanese person at the time, their child … Continue reading

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My Pregnancy and Birth Story in Japan

My second born son, Kai, was born in March this year. The pregnancy journey in Japan was an interesting one. Being in Japan means a lot of things are done a certain way but overall I had a positive experience. … Continue reading

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Struggling with my mental health in Japan

A lot of people tell me I’m strong. But I think that I’m just independent, organized and a dreamer. I’m always forward-looking, if optimistic. The way I get over the present (if it is not pleasant) is by focusing on … Continue reading

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6 Months in Tokyo: Work and School Update

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog has been on a hiatus for some months now. It’s not that I had exhausted the limits of my creativity, rather I had a lot on my hands, which I still do. But … Continue reading

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Looking for a Husband: On Single Parenthood in Japan

Alright guys, buckle up. I am going to tell you my single parenthood experience in Japan. I prefer the term “single parent” to “single mother”; semantics, I know, but married or not, a mother is a mother. The parenting bit … Continue reading

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13th April – A Day in My Busy Life

So it turns out the last post is no longer the last post! I was inspired the other day and typed out the post below on facebook a few days ago. On 13th April to be exact. I never have … Continue reading

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I’m a Supermum!

Suppose I were to let someone take care of Jeremy for a week, I thought to myself, what instructions would I give the person? What’s my typical day like? Jeremy usually wakes me up – yes, he’s my alarm – … Continue reading

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Taking Stock at 28

It’s the eve of my 28th birthday. For some unknown reason, when I was younger, I always pictured myself at this age on the balcony of my apartment overlooking the ocean in California, a glass of wine in hand contemplating … Continue reading

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I Was Hacked and Other October Stories

In many ways, October was a trying month for me. To begin with, there was the drama with Jeremy‚Äôs ticket, which I have already blogged about. The journey to Japan was long and tiring. We first flew from Nairobi to … Continue reading

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2014 Highlights

Happy New Year 2015 to all my blog readers, thank you so much for reading and a special one to those who comment from time to time. A blog is nothing without its readers, thank you! I have a lot … Continue reading

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